Monday, March 26, 2007

winner and a birthday gift

So, one or two days turned into 4, sooo... the winner of the Teacup Lights is... drumroll please..

So Karyn, please e-mail me ( your address and they will be on their merry little way to you soon!

Giveaways are fun, so I'm thinking I might do another one this week, so stay tuned!

Anyway, my weekend was very hectic, but fun. Friday afternoon we left to drive up to Rochester and it turned out to be one very long trip! Traffic around here on Fridays is always awful. It took us almost twice as long as it should to go from D.C. to Baltimore. Add to the mix that Isaiah decided to hold his poop in all day long and you have a lot of screaming in the car, present company included. So we didn't get in until 11:30 at night and by then Isaiah was wide awake and ready to play. Aggh...

The next day was a lot better. My parents were also in town and we went over to my mom's brother's to celebrate her birthday. I decided to make her a cute little tote bag, inspired by the lovely Alicia. Once I saw these bags I knew I had to make one. I know, not very original, but I really do like the way it came out. It's probably hard to tell from the pics, but those are pleats!

Now, I really have to share this story, so if you don't like poop, look away! As I mentioned, Isaiah was having a pooping issue, which he really never has. So we go to leave on Sunday morning, and of course, Isaiah had yet to poop. He actually fell right asleep the moment we got in the car, but an hour later, wakes up screaaaaaaaaming. We find a rest station, pull over and take him of the car. He's standing up, feeling better, and then I smell the suspicious odor. We go to change him, and I can't find the wipes. John runs to the bathroom for some toilet paper, and we change him, and it's a crapping huge poop. I mean like panda sized poop. I realize he's not done yet, but cover him with a diaper and he finally gets the second one out. So I'm waiting for John to go get some more T.P. and Isaiah started peeing... everywhere. I'm trying to cover him up, but it's just not working because I am laughing to hard. Oh, at this point, I should mention he his peeing on the driver's seat! After he's done peeing, he rolls over to stand up and almost steps on the poop! John comes back, looks at me and starts laughing. Poor Isaiah is crying because he's had a traumatic poop and now he is all wet. Twenty minutes later, fresh diaper and clothes, daddy sitting on pee and we're back on the road. We had to stop 2 more times to change poop! Luckily for those ones, I found the wipes, which happened to be right at my feet the whole time! At least Isaiah slept for the last 3 hours of the trip.... Phewwww..

After the whole incident. Looks rough, doesn't he?

Anyone else have a good car/road trip story?


Unknown said...

Oh, poor kiddo! At least you could laugh about it!

This last Christmas we were coming home from Utah through Wyoming. We stopped at a truck stop to potty and change DD's diaper but there was no diaper changing thing in the restrooms and NO WAY was I laying her on the floor of a truck stop bathroom! Ick. So we had to do it in the back of the SUV, which is no biggie except for the fact that with the wind chill, the temps were well below zero! Wind was blowing hard. Well, she'd pooped through all her clothes somehow so I had to completely strip her and change her and redress her, hurrying as fast as I could because it was freezing! Poor DD was shivering like crazy. Then later that night, we had to stop again to change her. This time it was at an Albertson's grocery store so at least there was a changing table in the restroom. Luckily I had taken extra jammies in with me because I found out that she had pooped through her clothes again (poor kid had a seriously upset tummy) so I had to strip her, wash her and change her again. It was horrible!

BTW, your teacup candles turned out great! I made some a while ago but I just used plain white wax, which wasn't as cute as your red wax! Next time I'll do colored wax.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! But that is hysterical -- although I hope that's the end of your poopy roadtrips. :) The purse is super cute, BTW.

Karyn said...

Thank you! Thank you! :)
I love the tote that you made. I also want to tell you that now I think I NEED the Marie Claire Idees magazine. I looked for it today at our books store. No luck.

lera said...

Funny pooping story. I have many, many of those.

Oh, and figures it would be Karyn to win! LOL (I'm good friends with her, so I can say that about her!)

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Thanks for popping by & visiting my blog! Lovely bag!!!

Miss Bliss said...

Cute bag. Car trips with toddlers can go either way. My sister in law and myself decided that on our last vacation in CA we would take the kids to Disney. It was two days after Christmas and the crowds at Disney were record. Happiest place on earth my left foot!

So we packed it up and were set to drive the hour and a half drive home with a twelve year old, a seven year old, a three year old, and a three month old. There was some kind of accident or something, so that hour and a half ride took us over four hours of straight freeway with no way to get off, inching along, the baby was screaming, the kids were singing to the baby, at the top of their lungs, snacks were at an all time low and we were moving like 5 miles an hour when we were lucky... My sister in law and I laughed so hard our sides hurt. If we hadn't laughed we would have joined the three month old and cried the whole way home!