Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The joys of moving

So after two days of sitting under boxes and Isaiah pulling things out of them (and ripping them apart and eating them), I decided it was probably time to start unpacking. I should have started with some kind of game plan, but I didn't, and now I'm kicking myself for it. I started with the kitchen stuff, much of which is still in it's original packing because they were never unpacked from our wedding shower. It's almost like having another wedding shower as I get to look at all the "new" things again. I have decided that we have entirely too many glasses. I counted at least 17 wine glasses, 10 margarita glasses, 9 small drinking glasses, 7 larger drinking glasses, 4 pub glasses, 1 other sort of beer cup, and 5 shot glasses. Looks like will be doing a lot of drinking! Now I had organized the kitchen a couple of weeks ago before Isaiah's birthday party, and thought to myself, "this is not too bad, everything fits." Well, this was before the second round of boxes had arrived at our house, and I realized that half of them contained kitchen things! Of course, my husband wants nothing to do with this, as he has no patience and worse organizational skills than I do. I need to be on Mission Organization!

On another note, I am participating in the Martha Stewart Good things swap, over on Craftster. I am enjoying this a lot, but it's awfully hard to get to my crafting supplies, and find a spot to do them! I can't wait for my partner to get my things, so that I can post them and she can enjoy them. It has been a lot of fun already. Anyway.. lots of rambling today. Have a nice and hopefully springy day, even though there's no signs of it here!

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