Sunday, April 29, 2007

There's no use in crying over spilt milk

I'm finally back in Rhinebeck after a whole lot of travelling this weekend. Our trip has been very eventful, to say the least. As soon as it was over, I said "oh, I am definitely blogging about this!"

Thursday morning, my cousin Jenna and I packed the car up, and go to Trader Joe's by 9:30 am. We had planned to leave for NY by 10am,When we were done with the shopping, we stocked up on the much needed Starbucks, and snuggled into the car for our long ride. We had Fergie on the radio blasting and Isaiah laughing, when we turn the car on and it's starts bucking. We both look at each other in disbelief and start laughing. Turn the car off, try it again, thinking maybe it's just some freak thing before realizing that, in fact, the car isn't going anywhere. Finally it hits us that we have to do something. We are all ready to drive to NY, bags packed, kid in car, and 1/2 hour from home. Quick phone calls are placed to John and Jenna's mom before I realize that the parking lot is right next to a gas station with a garage. I say to Jenna (who is looking way more attractive than me at this time of the morning), go over there with some cleavage and play the damsel in distress. A few minutes later, I see Jenna walking over with a very hot, grungy guy and she is just smiling and shaking her head at me. He comes to check the car out, then lets out a smile, telling us that we're going to need to push the car over to the garage. Jenna and I are just looking at each other laughing hysterically. Rob (hot mechanic), comes back over with 2 more guys to push the car over. At this point, Jenna and I are really losing it because there was about 10 gallons of split milk all over the parking lot. The poor guys could barely get enough traction to push the car. They seriously must have thought we were crazy because Jenna says, "you guys don't mind being in a few snapshots, do you?" This was too good not to document it with photos. Isaiah seemed really confused as to why we were standing outside watching out car get pushed. So we walk across the parking lot laughing and just shaking our heads. Of course, not before we took this photo.

We sat in the office for about a half hour before they figure out what was wrong with the car. There was a really nice lady with her 8 week old daughter that we chatted with. At least that made the time go by quickly. The diagnosis was a bad fuel pump and the guy said that he could have it done in 3 hours. Since we didn't really have another choice, we had the car fixed, went back to Starbucks and people watched.

Luckily for us, they were able to get the car fixed in just under 2 hours. $760 and 2 hours later, we were on the road to NY. The rest of the trip went smoothly and we were both thankful that this situation occurred in a parking lot and not on the main highway, or while I was alone with Isaiah. Speaking of Isaiah, he was a perfect angel through the whole ordeal.

The next morning, it was back in the car for us. Jenna and her parents picked Isaiah and I up and we were off to Rochester. Even though the mileage is about the same from D.C. to Hyde Park, the ride to Rochester is much easier and feels a lot quicker. We had a party on Friday night for Jenna's sister Erin, and then one on Saturday for my Grandma's 80th birthday. Yet another crazy little trip. Friday my sister and I drove all around Rochester to find a carrot cake. Who knew that it would be impossible to find one! After 5 places (including the biggest Wegman's ever), we finally found one.

Saturday morning we went to the best Children's Museums I have ever been to. It is the Strong Museum in downtown Rochester. They have things for all ages. Isaiah was so excited he could barely contain himself. One of the best sections was the mini-Wegmans. There are little shopping carts, realistic looking food, checkouts that work. It is really amazing. Anyway, Isaiah was in little kid heaven. I'd love to go back there.
We had a great weekend, although it went by really quickly. I'm betting Isaiah is glad to be out of the car for the week.

Today we have no real plans. Isaiah and I are about to get my much needed bagel from my favorite store. Hopefully they're open. I went over there on Friday morning and was more than disappointed when they were closed because there had been a fire in the apartment upstairs. I hope everything's o.k. over there! And I think I found a fabric store here that carries Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I may have to go investigate.

Gosh, I just realized I didn't get a good picture of hot Rob. I'll have to ask Jenna if she did.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank you!

Thanks so much for all your birthday wishes yesterday. I celebrated with my cousin Jenna and her boyfriend Matt, my cousin Sean, and of course, Isaiah and John. There were grapefruit and mango margaritas, which Isaiah was eyeing (sorry bud, little too young), burgers, baked beans, cucumber salad, and lots of dessert. John bought the necessary ice cream cake, and Jenna came over with a fruit tart and a mini chocolate cake just for me! And obviously I had a little of each one. It was such a nice day. Isaiah even enjoyed some beans.

Isaiah and I spent the day thrifting and going to the fabric store. I needed some new fabric to finish off the pajama pants. So much for the "use what you have" theory. I got some cute paisley and started them yesterday. They'll have to wait until next week to get finished because I'm going to NY for the week.
Jenna and I driving up to Hyde Park, NY (my hometown) today. Tomorrow we'll be headed off to Rochester for the weekend and then returning for a week long visit with my parents (and hers). I'm excited for this break, I haven't been home since Christmas. My parents live in a small town, Rhinebeck, which is the cutest the village. They live within walking distance of restaurants and fun shops. I cannot wait to have the best bagel ever from Bread Alone. I will have one (or two) everyday. yummmm.

The best part about going up to NY is that hubby has promised to have my sewing machine serviced while I'm gone. My mom got it for me at a garage sale about 5 years ago for $25. It hasn't been serviced since and it's long over due! I hope when I get back there will be lots of smooth sewing. Maybe I'll be able to finish up the pajama pants.

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks again for all the b-day wishes.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Button day to you

Last night I thought I'd try my April InStitches project. That was probably the most frustrating thing ever.I didn't have any freezer paper, so I tried parchment paper. Bad idea. The tape won't stick and it kept sliding all over the place. Would it have killed Amy Butler to include the full pattern? Then the fabric issue. I don't have a lot of fabric that is 2+ yards, so I used what I had, which was probably a thrift store fabric. It's not the best, it's not the worst. The fabric is actually really soft, but the color is kind of just blah. Well after cutting out both pieces I realized that I had cut the back part out wrong, which left me with no yardage to cut the piece out right. Well, maybe the fabric gods were looking down on me and now I can get some fabric I really like for my pants.

Every year on my birthday, I tell my husband that it is "Princess Katie Week" and he obliges. I usually am treated extra nice for an entire week. Or maybe it's because I'm always whining "but it's princess katie week!" I was very stubborn from the beginning, but punctual. I was born on my exact birthday but put my poor mother through a lot of pain. I was in the breech postion and the doctors tried to turn me (I can't even imagine that pain), but it didn't work, so my mom ended up with a big 'ol c-section. According to my mom, I was also born on the hottest day of the year. I wonder if the way you came into the world is any indication of your personality to come. Hmm... Here is a couple of little Katie shots. why I'm taking a picture under someone else's name is beyond me.

Here are some little factoids from the day I was born. I wonder how accurate these things are. I guess gas prices really do flucuate. It says the price per gallon was $1.28 and when I first started driving it was less than .99! Also, my birthday is a day of Russian Mourning for Boris Yelstin. Very interesting.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me. I think that we're celebrating tonight with my cousin and her boyfriend. Hopefully there will be presents, drinks, and ice cream cake (John!). On Sunday I "suggested" to John that we go to Barnes and Noble so I could get one birthday present for myself. I walked away with 2, Lotta Jansdotter and Denyse Scmidt. Boy, this books are dreamy!

Made it to the end of this all over post? Well then, I bet you only scrolled to see who the winners are.... so, without further ado winner winner chicken dinners:

Lera and Miz Smoochie Lips. Miz Smoochie, send me your address, Lera, I still have yours somewhere in my e-mail.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

From one egg to another

Yesterday on my way out to the thrift store, I noticed something under this ugly bush in my front yard. It was bright blue, tiny and as I got closer I realized it was a robin's egg. It's still intact and is just beautiful. I looked through the bush to see if it had fallen from a nest, but I couldn't find one. We always have millions of birds in our yard, so I'm wondering how it go there. Do robins sometimes lay eggs in the underbrush? I'm not sure if I should just leave it there or pick it up. Anyone have any suggestions and/or advice?

When I got home, there was a different kind of egg waiting for me in the mailbox. I was the lucky winner of Karyn's Popping Mini Eggs giveaway. Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite Easter candy, and this one has Pop Rocks in it. It's a very interesting experience eating those. You get the yummy goodness of the mini eggs with a pop at the end!

Karyn also sent along this cute little coin purse which I just adore. Isn't she so talented? And so more buttons. Isn't it fitting they arrived on the same day that I posted a button giveaway?? Thanks so much Karyn!

Oh, and that reminds me, make sure you leave a comment in the post below if you want to be included in the giveaway.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Buttons, Oh My!

Well the weather has finally cooperating and we had a nice sunny, warm weekend. My parents arrived Saturday morning and they weren't here for about 2 minutes before my dad made his first run down to Home Depot. He is a real handyman and is always looking for a project to do. A while back, I told you that we lived in an old farmhouse growing up, but I didn't mention that my dad had renovated the whole thing by himself. Well, actually, I helped all the time. It was always "Katie, get me the Philip's head" "Hold this" "Hand this to me when I ask for it." I imagine this is much like it is in the ER. He also owned 2 apartment buildings that we spent most weekends at cleaning up and painting. Oh how my sister and I hated that! Anyway, I don't know how I got into all that.

When we first bought our house, my dad came down for a couple of weekends and helped us fix up our house. Painting, building closets, refinishing floors, etc. This weekend, he brought down his pressure washer to wash the deck and the entire outside of the house.

Now that I'm married, John is now the handyman assistant, so that freed my mom and I up to go out for a little thrifting. She enjoys a good bargain just like I do! I, of course, headed right for the sewing area and much to my delight I found 2 more huge bags of buttons. My mom looks at me and says "what are you going to do with all those buttons, you just bought some" " I know I know, but I just love buttons, I'll find something to do with them." I also spotted this yummy fabric that I'm totally in love with. I think there's about 2 yards for just $1.95. Now if I can only get up the nerve to cut it, I'll figure out what to do with it.

After we got back, John and my dad had finished cleaning everything, so we decided to go to the National Zoo. I'm not so sure that was the best decision ever. It was so packed that you could barely see anything. Plus it was pretty hot (almost 90), so there were lots of sweaty, stinky people. My dad and John dropped Isaiah, mom, and I off at the entrance and had to circle the Zoo for about 40 minutes before they could even find a parking spot. Oh well, at least I got to see a horse pee and here a kid scream "He's peeeeeing! Kiki do you see that?? He's peeeeing everywhere!"
Grandma and Isaiah at the zoo

Yesterday while the boys stained the deck, my mom and I went over to Eastern Market. If you're ever in the D.C. area it's such a fun place to go on the weekends. We had breakfast at a cafe outside and then walked around soaking up the sun. Of course, most of the conversation centered around how much my mom misses D.C. (she lived here after college) and how much she wants to move down here. Anyway, we had a great time and the weather was just perfect.

Cherry Blossoms at the Market

I did get some early b-day gifts from John, but I'll show those later. Now, who wants in on a little giveaway? Although I'm a firm believer that one cannot have too many buttons, I do think I have more than I can use right now. So leave a comment, and let's see... hmm.. Wednesday I'll pick 2 winners. Wednesday seems appropriate for a giveaway. Anyway, it'll be a small little bag, and I promise it won't be filled with all white ones!

OMG, I almost forgot to mention that John and I made the Pink Grapefruit Margaritas last night. One word : AMAZING. More on that later. Hmm... is it too early to start drinking?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Another thrift story

Yesterday I enjoyed a day with my mother in law. She came down with FIL because he had a conference across town. I had been wanting to take her to my favorite thrift store forever, so I finally did yesterday. She was so impressed with it. When we first walked up, we spotted this great play yard for Isaiah. Of course, the grandmother in her had to buy it for Isaiah. We put it on our deck yesterday and Isaiah loved it! I'm glad we found something that he'll actually stay in and play with! That means I can drink my margaritas without a kid pulling on my sleeve. Hee hee. Isaiah kept kissing the mirror on it. How cute??

Here are my sewing finds from yesterday. I got this great big bag of buttons for $1.95 and they were even separated into colors! I was so glad to find this bag because sadly, I do not have a lot of colored buttons. I just love buttons, but who doesn't?!?! Actually, this was only about half the bag too.

I found a huge bag of thread, which is great because it's always so expensive and I go through a lot of it. There was also another bag of rick-rack and bindings. I'm starting to wonder if this all came from one person. Does any one know what middy braid is? There was two packages of that too.

We also went out to lunch for my birthday. The funny thing about this is that every year my in-laws always think my birthday is on April 20th, but it's really on the 25th. (I turn the big 2-5 on the 25th, which I think is funny, but it seems no one else does!) So we had a good laugh about that and enjoyed our lunch at Olive Garden. I haven't been there in so long, but they just built a new one by our house and it's really convenient.

My MIL also helped me to reorganize our bedroom. It is basically the one room that has not been put together since we moved into our house. Boy am I glad that she was up for that challenge. She has a really good eye for design and made some great suggestions as to where to put the furniture. Now I'm sitting in my nice reorganized room and I'm feeling so relieved that it's not completely cluttered. I said to her, "I wish I had taken a picture of what it looked like before." And her response? "I think you should just forget about the before and remember the after." Hmm.. was it really that bad?

Not only did she spend hours helping me fold laundry and move furniture, but she also weeded 3 flower beds in our front yard. And planted some snapdragons. And mulched it. Wow, how luck am I?

For dinner with met up with my FIL and brother in law at Outback. My husband picks up a couple of nights a week for extra cash so I can be a stay at home mommy for the time being. So, of course his parents wanted him to be our server. It is so funny to have him wait on us. I love watching him interact with the customers! I am grateful, though, that he is willing to work those extra hours for me to be able to stay home. Thank you Johnny!

Yesterday was truly a great day. I'm excited because this weekend my parents are coming to visit me from NY. We have lots of great things planned (maybe even a thrift store outing) and it looks like the weather is going to be really nice!
Thanks for all your suggests for fabric places. I'll be doing a lot of research today!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

For all you jealous thrifters, I shop at the Value Village in Adelphi, Maryland. From what I understand, this VV is not related to the ones in the Northwest and Canada. It is by far the best thrift store I've ever been to. They always have fabric, patterns, and notions, and get even more on a daily basis. So if you're ever in the area, I definitely recommend stopping there.

My birthday is next week, so I'm thinking that maybe I can get myself a special fabric treat. Remember how I gushed about the Denyse Schmidt fabrics? I'm trying to decide which ones I should get and from where. I know a lot of you have this fabric, so I'm wondering which ones you like best. I haven't actually seen them in person, but I'm hoping they're as pretty as I'm dreaming them to be. It's hard to pick favorites, but I think these might be the ones.

Also, what are your favorite on-line fabric stores? I'm just too lazy to search out a store around here that actually sells these fabrics. Driving around the D.C. area is no fun and I'd like to avoid that. So, anyone have good suggestions where I can get a good deal? I promise after I get these fabrics I'll stop posting about how much I love them! hee hee... Oh by the way, I saw one of the in the new MSL. I'm such a Martha stalker.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Take me away to Margaritaville (and maybe the thrift store too)

I swear Martha is a women after my own heart. I just got the May issue of MSL yesterday and I think it's one of the best ones yet. Margaritas are my absolute favorite drink and there were 3 whole pages of margartia recipes. I really want to try the watermelon & basil and the pink grapfruit ones. They just sounds so refreshing. Now only if it could warm up about 20 degrees!

I also had a successful trip to the thrift store on Monday sans child. John had off work because D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day so D.C. schools were closed. I much more enjoy thrifting alone. That way I don't have little grabby hands pulling things off shelves or whining every time I pick something up.

Anyway, I found several bags of rick-rack, seam binding, and sewing needles. I also picked up this bag of fabrics. I love the gold with the white polka dots, it's my favorite out of all them.

I really need to stop reading blogs, because after I saw all of Karyn's pillowcase totes, I felt the need to buy a couple. I picked up three, but they have yet to be made into anything.

This pillowcase is my favorite, I almost don't want to cut it up!
I also found 2 really pretty sheets.
And I finally got around to reworking a custom order I had from almost 2 months ago. It was a frustrating project because I had to basically cut the whole thing apart. I took the top off and sewed it to the bottom, added batting, and a stabilizer. In the end, I'm happy with the way it came out and sometimes, I think that's when all the frustrations are worth it. Hope she likes the finished product!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy and Hope

By now I'm sure all of you have heard of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. It is unimaginable how everyone involved must feel. It was everywhere in the news around here. We are only about 4 hours away and a lot of kids from the area go to VT. While driving to and from the thrift store, I listened to the radio, people were calling in with children there or alumnus, shocked at the news and in disbelief that something like this could occur is such a small, quiet community. The news also covered many area colleges, like mine, that were gathering for prayer for the victims & their families, and the whole community of VT. I feel such a deep sadness for the people involved and I hope that you all will keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

When such bad things happen, it seems only appropriate to talk about the good people are doing in the world. I'm sure some of you are readers of the blog AfricanKelli. Kelli's blog is one of the blogs I read on a daily basis. She always has such inspirational things to say, is a crafty girl, and is a downright nice person (and I know this, even though I've never actually met her!). Anyway, next month she is traveling to Mozambique and visiting two orphanges. The sweet person she is would love to bring goody bags for the children there. She is asking for help in putting some together, so if you'd like to help, visit her blog and contact her. Plus, stay around and read the rest of her blog. I promise it's a good one!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Christmas in April

My package from the Spring Fling Swap arrived this weekend. It was so very exciting to get my package and a very funny story to accompany it arriving. Saturday my husband and I were completely exhausted (Isaiah's teething), so while Isaiah decided to take a 3 1/2 hr (yay!) nap, we decided we'd nap too. Well, towards the end of the nap, a large knock at the doors wakes us up. My husband, who is always delirious when he first wakes up, jumps out of bed and is running around the room trying to find a shirt to put on. I finally said, "John, just open the dresser." So, eventually he makes it downstairs, only to find my swap package at the door. He came upstairs and just threw it on the bed, saying "I knew I shouldn't have gotten up, who'd be knocking at our door in the middle of the day!?" Hahah. He was less than pleased about his nap being disturbed.

Anyway, my partner Bee did a wonderful job. I'm not sure my pictures are going to do any justice as we have had 2 straight days of gloomy, rainy weather.

Very cool wrapping of the packages, I'll save that for later crafting.

This is what each letter of the package represented

Close up of the pincushion, which believe it or not, is the first actual pincushion I own. I have a magnetic one, but not a real one.
She cleverly used the "I" for Isaiah and sent him a chick and a bunny. He has since hid the chick on me, and this was the best picture I could get of him holding the bunny.

Bee thrifted this nest and the birds as well as the base to the pincushion. She made the pincushion , the drawstring bag, and the pink bunny. She Thanks so much Bee. I love them all!

I'm sending my package out today, so hopefully she gets it quickly so I can post what I sent!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Who wants to play a game?

Isaiah and I have a great neighborhood to go walking in. We live across the street from a park and a river and down the road from a very pretty mansion. Sometimes it's hard to believe that we live so close to a city. I really enjoy living here because growing up, I did not live in a neighborhood. I actually lived in the boonies in NY which was originally a large farm. We lived in the original farmhouse and I could barely see our neighbors. I did love our house and the huge yard we had, but I sometimes missed not being near my friends or a playground. Anyway, this really has nothing to do with the post, but I was just thinking about my old house, and sigh, I do miss it!

Ok... onto the game. So as I was saying, Isaiah and I take a lot of walks and one day last week, we walked by possibly the most tacky house I have ever seen. I mean, the house itself is not bad, but the front yard is something else. I have never seen so much stuff in one yard in my entire life. And it's not like it's big things either, it's a collection of a bunch of little tiny things. The other day I made my cousin drive by it with me and she actually thought they had just decorated it for Easter. I was like hmmmm nooo... that stuff is here all the time!

Anyway, I should say first, that I'm not trying to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. I simply cannot understand how one could live with that much stuff in their yard! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a super neat, clutter free person, because I'm not. But, I cannot imagine having all those tiny little things in my yard, every single day!

I got to thinking, and I bet that many of you have houses like these in your neighborhoods, and I'd love to see them. So, does anyone want to play a game/have a contest with me? Here's how it would work:

If you'd want to participate, just e-mail me a picture of the house/yard (it might even be yours!) and tell me where you live, let's not say street or any other real identifying factors, just to play it safe.

Each day, I'll post 1 or 2 on my blog and you can post it on yours as well. After everyone who is participating has entered, we'll do a little voting and see who has the most tacky house/yard in their neighborhood. I'll send a little prize to the winner.

Just a few things: I really am not trying to be mean to anyone, I just want to know WHY!!! So, let's say your house looks like this, then maybe you can supply an explanation. Also, you might want to be on the sly about taking a photo of someone else's house. Better yet, send your husband, or your kid( if they're old enough, of course). Haha. I took mine while I was walking with Isaiah and put the camera on the stroller, then hightailed it out of there. I don't want any reports of injuries from you trying to escape, so be careful!

O.K. anyone in? Here's my photo, I hope to get a better one next time, so I can get a close up of all the little individual things. I just might pretend I'm in mission impossible or something.

and if this is your house, I'd love to know how freakin long it took you to collect all those things!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not much to show

I'm busy crafting away for the Spring Fling Swap (hi Bee!), so I don't have much to show craft wise. I don't wait to spoil the surprise. My swap partner lives all the way in New Zealand, so the suspense will even be longer when my package is sent off to her. I've found some great things for her, so I can't wait to get the package together and for her to get it!

Anyway, since I don't have much to show, I thought I'd share a fun website for all you book readers. It's particulary good for this time of year because it encourages some Spring Cleaning! If you don't know about it already, you should go check it out. It's called PaperBackSwap and I believe I found it in Blueprint Magazine. Anyway, the premise is very simple. You start by listing 8 books that you would be willing to part with, and in turn you get 3 credits. These credits allow you to then request books from other swapers. So far I think I have sent 2 books, with another being sent today. I have also received 3 books. Each time you send a book out, you get another credit.

I was a bit skeptical about it at first, but so far it's working out. Best of all, it's free (for right now at least). They also have SwapaCD, which I haven't tried yet, but sounds fun. Anyway, go check it out, it's a good chance to get some books you've been wanting to read for a while and you can get rid of some of those dusty ones on your shelf!

(And no, I wasn't paid to talk about this!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On the road to recovery

Thanks so much for all your comments yesterday. Isaiah seems to be doing well and probably hasn't even noticed that he has a big goop of glue on his forehead. Yesterday it was just too much for me to be in the house, risking him hitting his head again, so I headed off to the thrift store. We weren't there but 2 minutes when a little girl passed us and looked up at Isaiah and said "eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww". I almost had to run her down with my cart, but don't worry, I controlled myself. I'm only (halfway) kidding.

This morning I spent my time running after Isaiah, picking up all the books on the floor, making sure he was going to hit his head. I swear this is making me paranoid, but I don't want my poor baby to have a big scar in the middle of his forehead. That would not make for a good modeling career. Haha. Then again, Owen Wilson has a big crooked nose and he's successful. Ahh.. anyway, I went to Target and all of the Easter things are 75% off and the dollar spot is 50%. So if you're in the mood for some shopping and haven't had your fill of Easter candy yet, go check it out. I got 2 bags of my beloved Cadbury Mini Eggs for just .69 each. Now that's a bargain!

Lately, I haven't been too much in the mood for sewing. After getting all my fabric and notions organized it just seems too much to mess it up! I'm not very good about putting away my fabric as I use it. I've really felt like painting a lot, so last night I went out in the shed and got a scrap piece of wood. So, this is what I'm working on now. I'm using a piece of vintage scarf from my MIL. Haven't really figured out what I'm going to do after that.

I'm also using a technique I learned in high school. It's actually pretty cool and very easy to do. It basically takes an image and makes it look like stained glass. Here's a picture of it, although it didn't turn out all that well because I didn't put enough layers on, but I promise it works. Here's what you do:

Take anything printed on plan paper, like a photocopy, or in this case, I'm using a coloring book I found at the thrift store. You can either color it with pencils, crayons, or acrylic paints. You also could do the image first, then paint it after it dries. Then using an Acrylic Medium (I used Liquitex Gel Medium, Gloss), brush layers over image. Let dry and continue applying layers, drying in between, until fairly thick (like 5-8 layers). When completely dry, wet back of papers and begin rolling the backing off. Here's what the back looks like when it starts to peel off.
You can add more water if you need to do so. When finished, the image should be semi-transparent. (I haven't completely finished taking the back off).You can then glue it onto almost any surface. I'm going to do another one tonight, so hopefully that will turn out better. Hope some of you guys try this, it's really fun and easy.