Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Items

Well I finally have a moment to recover from the hectic few days we have had. Yesterday, we closed on our house so we are finally homeowners! Yay! There were a lot of papers to sign, but it went very smoothly with no problems. So, if you're in the Riverdale/Washington D.C. area, come visit us. Also, some more exciting news. I will hopefully be selling a few of my items at the local post office/trading company. Just in time for the holidays. I am beyond thrilled about this.

Anyway, while I have a few minutes before Isaiah starts to wonder away, I'm posting two bags that I made for a recent order (Thanks Bridget!). I really like the way these ones came out and now I have many orders to start working on. The next few days will be very busy for me, as I am leaving for Florida on sunday and trying to work on our new house at the same time. Sooooooo if you have christmas orders, please try to get them in ASAP so I know what I'm working with.

Well here are the bags. Also, Im posting some of the fabric that I have on hand, as a few of you have asked what I have in stock. Keep in mind, this is not all that I have and I will be willing to find exactly what you want. Sorry for the pictures, as I am not the best photographer. But these will have to do:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

David Hasslehoff

ok... so elections are today and I really could care less. I have not paid attention to what the candidates have to say and will be thankful when they are over so their annoying ads stop interrupting my precious tv time.

Anyway, last night I was watching e!news "coverage" of America's got Talent try-outs, and I came to this conclusion: David Hasslehoff is a robot. Now this may surprise some of you, but think about it. He drove a car that talked, ran endless miles on a beach saving people, and Germany loves him. He is indeed a robot. He just moves weird, talks weird, looks weird. All the signs point to him being a robot.

In any case, I'm off to sew some more bags. I will be posting some new merchandise later. Don't forget to get your orders in if you are interested in Christmas presents!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mini Wallets

Here's the newest addition to my product line. Mini Wallets. Big enough to hold your cash and credit cards. No room for coins though, sorry change carriers. Anyway here they are, more to come soon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween re-cap

So, we had a great time on Halloween. Poor Jenna and Matt drove 2 hours just to see Isaiah in his little costume! He is so lucky to have such a nice godmommy and mcsteamy (that's for you matt!) While we waited for Jenna and Matt to get to the house, John, Isaiah, and I sat outside and handed candy out to the kids that came by. Our neighbor, Bijan, probably had the best costume I've seen on any kid. Take a gander.. you'll never guess what he was! He was Elton John. That's right, a 8 year old boy dressed as Elton John. It was hilarious. He had earrings, sunglasses, suitcoat, and flashing necklaces. Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face. Well I have no bags to show off tonight, but I am about to get started sewing. Here's a picture of Isaiah, as promised.Image hosted by
by kblattner