Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Things are back!

When Martha redesigned her website, I was totally missing the "Good Things" section. So this morning when I check my e-mail, I was happy to see that Martha said they were back! And now they are all in nice categories and everything. Since I have a few swaps going now, I won't do it for a few months, but I will host a Martha Good Things Swap. I did one on craftster a while back and it was great! I've been wanting to do another one, but I don't want to host one on craftster. That's just too much for me. Anyway, just keep an eye out. I think it would be fun with all the martha loving blog peeps. I can't believe I just wrote peeps and it's not even Easter. Oh my.

Anyway, my house is out of control. Since John works for a school, he is home for the summer. My schedule with Isaiah feels all out of whack. He's not been going to bed until 9 (and his bedtime is 7), waking up at 8 something and not taking a nap until 12. This seriously puts a cramp into my crafting. Isaiah, get your act together. Mommy doesn't like this!!!!

So, thanks for all your laughs, and sympathy about me putting my pictures on CD. Let's see what the disk holds for today's pictures. Oh, yes. Isaiah "strawberry picking" in NY.
Not thinking this through, clearly, I dressed Isaiah in a white shirt. Doh. Let's just say more strawberries made it into his mouth than in the bucket. Oh, and on the way home, the strawberry flat was next to Isaiah in the car. He had slept most of the way home, but when he woke up, I turned around to see him picking strawberries up from the flat and eating them. He was totally covered in red! Ah, fun times.

And a picture of the Hudson River and Catskills at sunset from Mills Mansion. I love that place!
Now, I could clean up or craft. Since John's napping, I think I'll craft ;)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to regularly scheduled crafting

So I am still without my camera cord. Luckily, my mom found it at her house and she'll be sending it to me. I feel so naked without it. Of course I was missing blogging and pictures, so I ran off to Rite-Aid and made a CD of my pictures. Now how obsessive is that?!?!

On our trip to NY, I started another hexagon quilt. I intended to just use red and blues, but some white sneaked in there, so now I have a red, white, & blue quilt.
Which is fine. John and I were married July 3rd, so it'll look nice in our room. Maybe I'll finish it by the 4th. We'll see.
This is a very addictive method. Almost as addictive as paper piecing has become. I ordered Kingpod's last mailoder and it had several different paper piecing papers. I've made these three blocks so far, and the plan is to make a few more for a mini quilt.
I used some of my vintagey fabric that I bought on eBay awhile ago. I loved them so much I was afraid to cut them up. But, these mini quilts are perfect because you only have to use a tiny bit of fabric. So much for stashbusting! I'm sure there will be some more quilting in the next few posts. Let's just say I'm a "little" obsessed with it right now. We'll see how long that lasts!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last Call for Swappers

Today is the last day to sign up for the swap. I'd like to have at least one more person to make it an even number. So, if you were on the edge about siging up, come and join us!! It'll be fun, I promise. Just send me an e-mail seekatieswap@gmail.com with the info found on the swap page.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Back Home

We had a great trip in NY and I even managed to get some sewing done on the trip. I started another hexagon doll quilt and I was planning on sharing when I realized I left the camera cord at my parents house. So, no pictures today. I did try out one of these after Erin has showed off her cute one. It's so easy and cute I think all of you should make one!

Tomorrow's the last day to sign up for the swap. I hope some more of you can join us. It's a no pressure, no frills kind of swap. You can also swap a flat rate envelope so you don't have to have a huge stash to swap. Plus, you can fill it with other goodies other than fabric. If you're interested check the details or e-mail me at seekatieswap@gmail.com

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Additional Swap Info

For international swappers, the size of the evenlope is 12.5" x 9.5" and the boxes are either 11"x8"x5" or 11"x3"x13". If you want to participate, hopefully you can find something similar to these. Basically the flat rate shipping offers one price regardless of the weight of the package. I think our post office offers international flat rate boxes, so I'm not sure if your country does or not.

For all other swappers, I think I will leave it up to you and your partner as to which box you want to use. Since the shipping is the same, it really is only the shape of the box. When you get your partner, just discuss which one you'd like to use.

Here is the button if you'd like to add it to your blog. It's kind of boring, but I suppose it'll work. I don't know why it is so small here, but here's the link. Thanks to Anina for fixing the problem!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swap Info & Sign-ups

Since I've been using what I have, I've realized that a lot of my fabric have not been touched in over 4 years. While I still like some of them, my style has changed and I'm bored of having the same fabrics. I think that's my main purpose in wanting to swap supplies. I feel less guilty about getting some "new" ones because I'm not technically buying them

Anyway, here's the info for the swap. I'd like to call this swap the "Use What Another Person Has" swap. That way it will confine to the rules of the Challenge. And since I co-organized the challenge, I say that this swap is within the realm of the rules (hopefully you'll agree Karyn). So here is how the swap will work. I will offer the choice to either fill a flat rate box or a flat rate envelope. That way the shipping will be the same for each person, and the amount of supplies will be comparable. So, if you want to swap, but don't have a lot of supplies, the envelope would be a good choice. I will match people up by your preferred shipping method and I will try to accommodate which type of supplies you can send and/or which you want to receive. This is intended to be a quick swap, so try not to go crazy! Here are the guidelines:

1. Send only usable supplies. You can send scraps of fabric, but please make sure they are bigger than 2-3 inches. If you send scraps, please also include some larger things as well.

2. You and your partner can determine what you'd like to send and receive. If you want to include paper, beads, etc., that's up to you.

3. Vintage and new are welcome as long as they are usable

4. Try to use what you have, after all, that is the purpose of the swap.

5. You have to promise to use your "new" supplies in your upcoming projects

6. Try to include a variety of things, like trims, bindings, and zippers if you have them. It's not required, but I think it might be nice to include supplies other than fabric. Even old craft magazines might be nice.

7. Sign-ups end Saturday June 23rd, mail out by July 9th.

8. I will start a flickr group and you can post what you've received when you get it!

If you're interested in participating, fill out this form and e-mail it to me at seekatieswap@gmail.com




blog or url:

flat rate box or envelope:

type of supplies you'd like:

type of supplies you can send:

any other info, i.e., favortie craft, color:

willing to ship internationally if needed?

Friday, June 15, 2007

So this is what

500 5" squares look like. They weight 2.25 lbs and all but about 3 of them are prints. I didn't realize that most of my stash consists of prints. I hardly have any solids. I hope the people receiving these like a lot of prints! I'm so glad the cutting is done, and now I get to wait for the good part. Receiving 450 new fabrics! I think I'll use some of these to make some other doll quilts. Since starting my little quilt, and seeing this wall of quilts, I've decided I want my own wall of quilts! We'll see how far I get on that.

Now, I was thinking of perhaps organizing a very small, quick swap. I have a lot of 5 in squares left over because I found cutting in 4's was the easiest. It also left me with some pieces slightly bigger and smaller than the 5 in. So, I was thinking maybe a swap in which we fill up a flat rate box with scraps, trims, bindings, ribbons, etc. Basically, you could send whatever you want, as long as they are usable scraps, i.e., bigger than say, 2-3 inches. Anyway, if anyone is interested, leave me a comment or e-mail me. I won't be able to get to the details until next week, but I'll be able to answer any questions you have.

Tomorrow I'll be basking in the sun at the Yankees game, hopefully watching them beat the Mets! Last year was the first time I didn't go to a Yankees game since I was a little kid (darn you Isaiah!) So I'm super excited, and this is a great father's day gift for my Dad and John (although, John is definitely not a fan of the Yankees). Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My fingers hurt

You know that old lady in Happy Gilmore that is sewing quilts and she says to Ben Stiller "my fingers hurt." Yeah, that would be me. Now I'm waiting for someone to scream out "Oh yeah, now you're back's going to hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty."

I'm loving all this hand sewing, but I'm really feeling it in my fingers and elbow. The outcome is worth it though. This is my first time attempting a project like this and I'm learning along the way. I have a lot of stitches showing, some gaps, and some skewed fabric. I know if this were going to be a bigger quilt, that I wouldn't notice these things. But since it is so small, I'm noticing every single little detail and it's driving me nuts. Hopefully I'll be able to fake it when I quilt it. If I ever get around to that!

I've been sewing while Isaiah's playing, or at night when John's at Outback. I don't like being downstairs in my sewing room when it's dark outside. It creeps me out. This is a perfect solution because I can craft and be upstairs. At this rate, I may be starting another quilt top for my car ride on Friday.

On the cutting front, I have to cut out of 24 more fabrics. The great thing about this swap is I get to rediscover all of my fabrics. I feel like I keep buying new ones, and I neglect the ones that I have had forever. And I'm really having no problem finding 50 fabrics to cut either. So, apparently I am a real fabric hoarder. Thank goodness for swaps!

Oh, a few weeks ago, I got a scrap pack from Posie, and it had this fabric in there. Only a teeny piece though, and I'm wondering if anyone has one that looks similar to it, or the exact one. I'd love to swap with you for it, or even just buy it from you if you do. Just leave me a comment or e-mail me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If you can't buy fabric.....

How do you get around a challenge that you cannot buy fabric for? Well, you join a fabric swap! The other day Sarah posted about a swap over at Jen's blog, so I checked it out right away. Jen was only taking 10 people, so lucky that I signed up in time. The idea is that each person picks 50 fabrics and cuts out 10 5" squares from each. We're all sending our squares to Jen, and then she is graciously organizing all our squares and sending them back out to us. We're going to be getting a total of 500 squares each. Can you even imagine?!?! The idea of getting that many new fabrics (without buying, of course!) was so exciting, that I may have over looked the fact that it takes forever to cut out those squares. I started last night, and so far have only cut out of 11 fabrics. I'll be busy today and tomorrow cutting them out because they need to go in the mail on Friday. We're taking another little trip up to NY, so I won't have a chance to use up the extra few days before they're due out.

One swap that I am sorry I missed out on is the Doll Quilt Swap. I've been eyeing it for a while and hesitated and now it's full. I had been really wanting to try out this method for a long time. John's mother actually gave us a full hexagon quilt that was made by my FIL's aunts. Well, I think by them anyway. Both sides of his family were quilters and my MIL has a whole bunch of the quilts. So, last night I wanted to do some crafting that didn't involve my sewing machine. I drew out a bunch of these templates on the back of a magazine. Then I hand basted the hexagons. I started sewing a few together and this is what I came up with. Actually, John came home from Outback last night only to find me sitting on our bed with these spread out trying to find the perfect arrangement. Ah, I'm just laughing at myself thinking about it.
This has become very addicting and I'm really enjoying the hand-sewing. I figure this will be a good craft for the car ride. Last time I went to NY I was itching to craft so badly, so I'm glad I'll have something to bring along.

Alright, me and my rotary cutter have a date. Hope my fingers don't fall off! Oh the things we'll do for fabric.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Something other than totes

I was getting kind of sick of all the stash busting totes around here, so I decided I'd try my hand at making a wallet. I wanted something small, but long enough so I didn't have to fold up my bills. Not that I ever carry around a lot of cash. Anyway, I came up with the "skinny wallet". I figured, if I can't wear skinny jeans, at least I could have a skinny wallet. My pattern needs a little tweaking, but they came out pretty well. Only problem is that they don't eat up a lot of fabric. So, I guess I'll be back to more totes after all.

Last week I found some amazing thrift store finds. They'll be making their way to eBay soon, so if you've got a doll fan on your hands, you might want to check them out. First, this new in box 18" doll bed, with storage compartment.

A retired Angelina Ballerina by American Girl Magnet Room. Still in the plastic!!

I looked it up on eBay the other day and someone was selling it for $99. I definitely won't be selling it for that! I'm not sure it even sold for that anyway. Finally a brand new American Girl puzzle set. Interestingly enough, there was 2 of every on of these things at the thrift store. I only got one of each because I figured, if they don't sell on eBay, I can just give it to my niece.

I also found this cute little milk carrier on a quick visit to the thrift store yesterday. Perhaps it will be redecorated for an upcoming swap??

Now, I'm going to start some much needed housework. Hopefully.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Blah blah blah (Another great title)

Well things may get a little boring around here with the Use What You Have Challenge. I've been whipping up tote bags because they're so easy and simple. I may have to move onto another project soon.

Ms. Rebecca, of Thrifty Goodness, was a sweetheart and designed this graphic for our challenge. So feel free to use it and put it on your page.

You can right-click or here is the url. I hope mine came out ok on my page. It's a little small, but at least it's there. I should have paid attention in my html class in college. I couldn't pay attention in that class. My teacher's name was Sam Butz and he always said .edu funny. Kinda like " dot eee deee oooo." Ah, it still makes me laugh.

I had some thrifting success on Saturday. A 2 full bags of rick-rack and some yummy bindings.
Actually one bag had this entire roll of rick-rack.
Now before you go saying "But Katie, what about your challenge!?!?" I don't plan on keeping these, I'll add some more goody bags to etsy. But, I can't promise 1 or 2 won't mysteriously disappear into my stash. At least I didn't buy any fabric or sheets or pillowcases. And believe me there were some good ones. So I hope you're not rolling your eyes at me!! Hee hee. I'm showing some major restraint since this challenge began, but then again, it's only been a week.

Hop on over to our flickr group. We have some great new entries from Jess and Anina. Hopefully that'll coerce some of you slackers (not mentioning any names) into joining us ;)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Challenge Update

For all of you non-fabric hoarders out there, the challenge is still open to you. We know there are lots of crafty gals out there that are hoarders in something other than fabric! So, whatever your vice is (unless it is hot naked men, in which case, you can just send those pics to my e-mail.. just kidding!), come join our challenge. Refashioning, scrapbooking, crocheting... all are welcome! And of course, the challenge is open to you international crafty gals as well!

Thanks for all that have already joined our little flickr group and major props to Karyn and Chara Michele who have already posted some pictures! I hope they're not the only ones doing some major stash busting this weekend!!

In other news, I have an idea that I need your input on. I had this brainiac idea that perhaps starting a crafty mail order for kids would be a fun idea. When I was little, I used to belong to one through a hobby magazine. Do you think anyone would be interested in this? I'd love any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, so feel free to drop me an e-mail if you're interested!

That's all for now. Sorry for the boring-est of posts. Have a great weekend! I just realized I used an exclamation point in every paragraph. I just had a lot of coffee.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Challenge for You!

When I walk into my "sewing room" I am so overwhelmed with fabric that it's almost hard to choose a fabric to use. When Karyn suggested that she needed to go on a fabric diet, I thought, well dangit, me too! So we have been e-mailing back and forth the last few days, coming up with a challenge to pose to all of you. I present to you the "Use What You Have, Stash Buster, I Will Not Buy Anymore Fabric No Matter How Dirt Cheap It Is" Challenge. Here are the "Rules."

1. You enter buy joining our group on flickr. You can post your projects there as you finish them. This will be the "official" sign up place
2. The challenge will last until the end of July
3. You should try not to buy any new fabric, but necessary sewing supplies, such as thread and interfacing are allowed
4. All types of sewing projects are welcomed, so enter anything that you've created using your stash
5. There will be a prize given at the end from things Karyn and I have made. Each time you enter a project, your name will be added to the pot. So, if you show us 20 projects, that's 20 entries for you to win something fabulous from us!
6. Feel free to post about this challenge on your blog.

If someone is smart enough and willing to make an icon for us, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated!

Now, Karyn, did I forget anything? Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bag and Resin

Finally got to sewing yesterday. I put the finishing touches on this tote. I hand sewed on the rick-rack and it was very therapeutic. Hopefully I'll get to some more sewing today. I was a bad girl yesterday and ordered some fabric from Sew,Mama, Sew! I couldn't resist. The Flea Market Fancy was on sale and I've been wanting it for soooo long. Anyway, that's it for fabric. I'm not buying anymore until I get some more sewing done.

Here are some more pendants waiting in the wings to be resined. Is that a word? Anyway, this process is becoming very addicting. It's pretty much all I can think about. I may post a tutorial somewhere down the line, but I need to perfect my technique first. When I first wanted to make these, I looked for tutorials everywhere and couldn't find any. So, this is trial and error, and if all goes well, you lucky gals may get a tutorial.

Now I need to turn the computer off so I am not tempted to read blogs or visit etsy. I must sew or perhaps vacuum the cheerio encrusted carpet.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thrifty Tuesday

I braved the crowds yesterday at Value Village for the 25% off. Surprisingly I found a cart right away and did not have to beat anyone up to get one. Nothing on the sheets or sewing front. It's kind of been blah in that department lately. Not that I need anymore fabric, right Karyn?

So I found two old children's books. Actually, we were in the children's book section and Isaiah pulled a bunch off the shelf and threw them into out cart. So technically, Isaiah found these. This was about the only time that I was glad for him to pull something off the shelf!

I also found this cute Vera scarf. I just love the colors.
And my most favorite find of the day, these darling figurines.
I hesitated at first, but I couldn't resist. They are just so cute. I think there was another one, but someone had broken it into a million pieces. I was cursing that person, I tell you! Anyway, after the 25% off, I think the pair came out to be like $3. Can't beat that! Too bad I don't have a little girl because these could be used for their 1st, 4th, and 14th birthday! haha. Oh, maybe someday. (Although I think I'm cursed to have all boys. It's just a feeling. Not that having all boys would be that bad. I just want a little girl to sew for!)
Whoa.. I just check these out online and they're worth $25 or more each! Yay me!

I hear some more resin pendants calling my name. Thanks for all your positive feedback yesterday!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I keep meaning to sew lately, but I'm getting really distracted by etsy. It's filled with so many creative and talented people, that I can't help spending half of Isaiah's naptime look through stores. That might explain the huge mess in our living room. Oh well, I can live with a little mess.

Anyway, my latest project are making these pendants. I've seen a few of them on etsy and I looooove them. I just couldn't resist. A few weeks ago I found some washi paper at the thrift store for 80 cents. They're small pieces of paper, but they are perfect for making these pendants.

Yesterday after dropping my mom off at the airport, I asked John to stop at Michael's. I wanted to see if they had one of these wood clutch thingys there. I found this one at the thrift store for 95 cents.
I've never seen anything like it. I'm totally in love with it and I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to use it. Of course, Michael's didn't have it, but I did manage to spend more than I was thinking I would (isn't that how it always is?) So I walked out with some Amy Butler paper, resin, a new Martha exacto knife, and some Martha tags.
This is the first time I've really gotten to inspect all Martha's new things and I must say I do love them, although they are a bit pricey. I love the exacto knife, but 12.99 isn't cheap. I think I paid more for the packaging!

Soo, yeah, back to the whole pendant making business. This is my first time working with resin and I think I'm in love. I just want to resin everything right now!! Now the pendants are drying. I can't wait to see them finished, but I just read a review and some people said it took almost 5 days to dry!!! oooh the pain. I'm trying to resist making anymore right now before these puppies dry. Now, back to sewing, or maybe cleaning up downstairs, or maybe just finishing my cup of coffee outside in the nice warm weather!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I feel crazy

I'm not much in the mood for blogging today. John didn't get home from Outback last night until 3 am. I was dead asleep and woke up panicked because he wasn't home. He never gets home that late. So I frantically searched for my cell phone to call him because I was so worried something happened. Well he was on his way home when I called him and very apologetic. Anyway, after he got home, I couldn't fall asleep and I was awake until 6:30 am. I feel asleep, had very weird dreams, and then of course, Isaiah woke up at 7am. So I begged John to take him downstairs so I could sleep for 20 minutes before he had to get ready for work.

I never have this problem, so it was a weird feeling for me. I kept dozing off on the couch, with a few pokes in the face by Isaiah with his books.

I have a couple of WIPs project, but I'm too tired to go downstairs and take pictures. I think I'll check what Lifetime movie is on.

Oh, and I've been singing this song in my head for like 3 days now. I can't get it out. Help me!! I even made Isaiah listen to it. He probably thinks he has the craziest mom.

Well Mama Katie is coming for a visit for the weekend. Perhaps I should get to finishing the dishes from Monday's BBQ. Sorry for the crazy post. Have a good weekend all!