Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swap Info & Sign-ups

Since I've been using what I have, I've realized that a lot of my fabric have not been touched in over 4 years. While I still like some of them, my style has changed and I'm bored of having the same fabrics. I think that's my main purpose in wanting to swap supplies. I feel less guilty about getting some "new" ones because I'm not technically buying them

Anyway, here's the info for the swap. I'd like to call this swap the "Use What Another Person Has" swap. That way it will confine to the rules of the Challenge. And since I co-organized the challenge, I say that this swap is within the realm of the rules (hopefully you'll agree Karyn). So here is how the swap will work. I will offer the choice to either fill a flat rate box or a flat rate envelope. That way the shipping will be the same for each person, and the amount of supplies will be comparable. So, if you want to swap, but don't have a lot of supplies, the envelope would be a good choice. I will match people up by your preferred shipping method and I will try to accommodate which type of supplies you can send and/or which you want to receive. This is intended to be a quick swap, so try not to go crazy! Here are the guidelines:

1. Send only usable supplies. You can send scraps of fabric, but please make sure they are bigger than 2-3 inches. If you send scraps, please also include some larger things as well.

2. You and your partner can determine what you'd like to send and receive. If you want to include paper, beads, etc., that's up to you.

3. Vintage and new are welcome as long as they are usable

4. Try to use what you have, after all, that is the purpose of the swap.

5. You have to promise to use your "new" supplies in your upcoming projects

6. Try to include a variety of things, like trims, bindings, and zippers if you have them. It's not required, but I think it might be nice to include supplies other than fabric. Even old craft magazines might be nice.

7. Sign-ups end Saturday June 23rd, mail out by July 9th.

8. I will start a flickr group and you can post what you've received when you get it!

If you're interested in participating, fill out this form and e-mail it to me at seekatieswap@gmail.com




blog or url:

flat rate box or envelope:

type of supplies you'd like:

type of supplies you can send:

any other info, i.e., favortie craft, color:

willing to ship internationally if needed?


Karyn said...

You are not breaking any rules and I think the swap is a great idea!! I'll think about joining (I can't commit yet) but I have a question. If I do, I don't have a "flat rate envelope". We'd have to figure out how to deal with that. Is it a particular sized envelope to fill???

Stephanie said...

This seems like a fun idea. I think I will sign up!

LeeAnn said...

This sounds like fun. Which flat rate box would you like to use? 11x8x5 or 11x3x13?

Anonymous said...


Wish I could participate in this - sounds like fun! But as a new sewer I have very little stash! Give me a few years :-)

Anina said...

Yay! I'm in! Swapping is not cheating. You're just exchanging what you have for what someone else has and end up with the same amount of stuff.