Friday, June 08, 2007

Challenge Update

For all of you non-fabric hoarders out there, the challenge is still open to you. We know there are lots of crafty gals out there that are hoarders in something other than fabric! So, whatever your vice is (unless it is hot naked men, in which case, you can just send those pics to my e-mail.. just kidding!), come join our challenge. Refashioning, scrapbooking, crocheting... all are welcome! And of course, the challenge is open to you international crafty gals as well!

Thanks for all that have already joined our little flickr group and major props to Karyn and Chara Michele who have already posted some pictures! I hope they're not the only ones doing some major stash busting this weekend!!

In other news, I have an idea that I need your input on. I had this brainiac idea that perhaps starting a crafty mail order for kids would be a fun idea. When I was little, I used to belong to one through a hobby magazine. Do you think anyone would be interested in this? I'd love any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, so feel free to drop me an e-mail if you're interested!

That's all for now. Sorry for the boring-est of posts. Have a great weekend! I just realized I used an exclamation point in every paragraph. I just had a lot of coffee.


Anina said...

I added my orange pincushions to the Flickr group. They were made totally from my stash.
I think a mailorder for kids is a great idea! Mine is too old and a boy, but I know at least one little girl who would love that. What age group are you thinking of?

Karyn said...

I'm so exicted about the challenge Katie!! Thanks so much for all your efforts in making in happen. I think mailorder for kids is a SUPER idea! Go for it!

Sarah and Jack said...

Like Angry Chicken-esque mail order for kids?

I have a hard time imagining what it would be like, but Jack digs crafty stuff.

Chara Michele said...

A mailorder for kids sounds like a great idea! I would have loved something like that when I was a kid.

Thanks for mentioning me:) I definitely need to get to work on some more stashbusting!

Anonymous said...

hahahhhahahhaha! Yeah, and you can send those hot naked men pictures to me too :)

Man! I signed up for this thing but I just don't know...nail biting...can I do this?

I like the mail order for kids idea. Would it be a craft kit kind of a thing?

Sarah Ridgley said...

My stash is tons and tons of beads, which is strange because I don't even make jewelry. I just love to buy beads and think about the jewelry I might make, if I ever got around to it.

Jennifer said...

I love that orange pincushion. What a great idea here. I am not sure I could do it, I may go into withdrawal.

Sally Deck said...

OOOH! I love mailorder!