Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween re-cap

So, we had a great time on Halloween. Poor Jenna and Matt drove 2 hours just to see Isaiah in his little costume! He is so lucky to have such a nice godmommy and mcsteamy (that's for you matt!) While we waited for Jenna and Matt to get to the house, John, Isaiah, and I sat outside and handed candy out to the kids that came by. Our neighbor, Bijan, probably had the best costume I've seen on any kid. Take a gander.. you'll never guess what he was! He was Elton John. That's right, a 8 year old boy dressed as Elton John. It was hilarious. He had earrings, sunglasses, suitcoat, and flashing necklaces. Just the thought of it brings a smile to my face. Well I have no bags to show off tonight, but I am about to get started sewing. Here's a picture of Isaiah, as promised.Image hosted by
by kblattner

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