Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Button day to you

Last night I thought I'd try my April InStitches project. That was probably the most frustrating thing ever.I didn't have any freezer paper, so I tried parchment paper. Bad idea. The tape won't stick and it kept sliding all over the place. Would it have killed Amy Butler to include the full pattern? Then the fabric issue. I don't have a lot of fabric that is 2+ yards, so I used what I had, which was probably a thrift store fabric. It's not the best, it's not the worst. The fabric is actually really soft, but the color is kind of just blah. Well after cutting out both pieces I realized that I had cut the back part out wrong, which left me with no yardage to cut the piece out right. Well, maybe the fabric gods were looking down on me and now I can get some fabric I really like for my pants.

Every year on my birthday, I tell my husband that it is "Princess Katie Week" and he obliges. I usually am treated extra nice for an entire week. Or maybe it's because I'm always whining "but it's princess katie week!" I was very stubborn from the beginning, but punctual. I was born on my exact birthday but put my poor mother through a lot of pain. I was in the breech postion and the doctors tried to turn me (I can't even imagine that pain), but it didn't work, so my mom ended up with a big 'ol c-section. According to my mom, I was also born on the hottest day of the year. I wonder if the way you came into the world is any indication of your personality to come. Hmm... Here is a couple of little Katie shots. why I'm taking a picture under someone else's name is beyond me.

Here are some little factoids from the day I was born. I wonder how accurate these things are. I guess gas prices really do flucuate. It says the price per gallon was $1.28 and when I first started driving it was less than .99! Also, my birthday is a day of Russian Mourning for Boris Yelstin. Very interesting.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me. I think that we're celebrating tonight with my cousin and her boyfriend. Hopefully there will be presents, drinks, and ice cream cake (John!). On Sunday I "suggested" to John that we go to Barnes and Noble so I could get one birthday present for myself. I walked away with 2, Lotta Jansdotter and Denyse Scmidt. Boy, this books are dreamy!

Made it to the end of this all over post? Well then, I bet you only scrolled to see who the winners are.... so, without further ado winner winner chicken dinners:

Lera and Miz Smoochie Lips. Miz Smoochie, send me your address, Lera, I still have yours somewhere in my e-mail.


Nerissa Alford said...

Happy Birthday!
I love the idea of Princess Katie Week. I'll have to remember that.
Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I love yours.
I'm going to have to visit where you thrift. I've just started and you have found some great stuff. My in-laws live near Poolsville (out in the middle of nowhere) and we're over in MD all the time. It would make a nice day trip. And darn, I forgot to sign up for your button giveaway!!
Nice to meet you and happy birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday, Princess Katie!

May all your royal subjects treat you with due respect, loyalty, and love today!

(and lucky lera!)

beki said...

Happy Birthday!!

African Kelli said...

Happy happy birthday to you!!
And it should be princess Katie week. :) Those photos of you as a wee one are adorable.

Heidijayhawk said...

happy birthday katie!!! i will totally have to adopt a "princess heidi week" this year! brilliant! have a great time on your big day and all this week.

Anina said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! Lovely gifts! I think I'm going to gift those two books to myself.
Oh, and give your mom a BIG hug on Mother's Day. I had the exact experience (breech, doctors trying to turn the baby(ouch!!!), c-section) and it was a nightmare! Thankfully you forget most of it once you hold that cute little baby in your arms.

lera said...

Happy birthday. I can see that you are already enjoying your princess week with your new sewing books to peruse.

And, I won again???? My, oh my, it's MY lucky day, too!! Thank you!! And I don't even have to whine to get a pity prize.

FinnyKnits said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for taking a stand on the freezer paper issue.

I ended up using leftover wrapping paper to make the rest of the pattern piece.

I asked the same question out loud to Bubba: "Is there a REASON we can't get a WHOLE pattern piece? Do I have to write the book, too? GEEZ!"

So annoying.

Amanda Jean said...

happy birthday!

that ds quilt book is fab!

Roxanne said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Princess Katie! Love the cute little pics!

LeeAnn said...

We have a birthday week tradition in my family as well. And I always ask for ice cream cake! Yum!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Gurl shuddup! I won something?! Yippeeeeee!!! For your birthday!!! You are the best, I love the party favor I get to take home! Now where's the cake?

Shoot, I am so sorry I didn't show up earlier - You sure do look great for turning 18!!!

I hope you had a happy day and were spoiled rottttten! Happy personal new year as well!

iSew said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I have that Denyse Schmidt book and I love it. I just want to keep looking at it.