Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Recap

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. We had Easter dinner here at our house. It was our first holiday that we had in our new house. My cousin (Jenna) and her boyfriend(Matt) came over as did my husband's parents. Jenna and I spent a couple of hours in our tiny kitchen cooking up a storm. We are very alike in the fact that we care about the presentation of the food and love trying new recipes. If there was anyone else working with me in the small kitchen, I'd probably have a huge fit. One of my major pet peeves is when there's too many people in the kitchen while I'm trying to cook. However, Jenna and I work so well in the kitchen, we hardly even notice that there's two of us doing different things in there. It's probably due to the fact that we spent our childhood pretending we were hosting our own t.v. food show! (Although that's a totally different post)

Anyway, we had a very delicious menu:

Grilled Lamb, courtesy of my FIL
Honey Ham
Roasted Root Vegetables
Iceberg Wedges w/ Gorgonzola Dressing
Caramelized Onion & Sage Potatoes Gratin
Buttermilk Biscuits from The Joy of Cooking

Desert was a special treat for my husband and Matt. They had previously bonded over Profiteroles (yet another story for another post), so I surprised them and made some homemade ones from Martha's Baking book. Speaking of Martha, my other dessert was supposed to be sugar cookies using my Williams-Sonoma Easter cookies cutters I found at the thrift store. However, this recipe did not turn out, so we had a sugar cookie pie instead.

Also in my crazy haze of everyone coming over, I thought it would be a great idea to make these chocolate eggs I saw on the MS website. Oh was it crazy indeed. The whole process was a pain in the butt. First, I almost passed out from blowing out 8 eggs. Then I had to boil them in hot water and pat them down. Then I had to dye them. Next I realized I was supposed to let the eggs dry out for 2-3 days. I didn't let that stop me, so I put them in the hot oven to dry out. Yesterday morning I began the process of tempering the chocolate to fill the eggs. The worst part was filling the eggs through the tiny hole (not so tiny after I was done) in the egg. I had chocolate everywhere. I must say, everyone was quite impressed, but I was left feeling it wasn't so worth all the trouble! Here's a comparison of Martha's egg and my egg.

I was, however, very proud of my "tablescape."

My cousin and I were laughing about this terminology all week when I told her that I had a beautiful table setting in mind. If you ever watch the foodnetwork, you might know how funny it is to watch Sandra Lee. Anyway, a lot of the items were thrifted. The table cloth, jars, and the glasses holding the candy. I can't believe how cheaply I found the things for:

Table cloth: $3.95

Glass Jars: .80 each

Glass: .40 each

I also made my husband go outside a find a tree to cut branches off. He was apprehensive at first saying, "I'm probably going to get arrested. Those trees are park property." I told him to just go do it and tell them that his crazy wife made him do it for the sake of the tablescape. Haha. Luckily no one was arrested and the table looked exactly as I had pictured it.

Oh, and I never finished Isaiah's jacket for Easter, so he'll have to wear it some other time. I also didn't get any great pictures of him on my camera. I think I was too worried about my tablescape! Hopefully my cousin and MIL got some good ones so I can share them with you. Oh and the Easter bunny didn't come to visit either. Thank God for Godmommies and Nanas that come bearing nice Easter baskets!

Anyway, hopefully the weather warms up soon. I did not really enjoy the 40 degree Easter weather! Today is the last day of my husband's spring break, so I'm hoping to go the thrift store for the 25% off Mondays. Wish me luck.


lera said...

Sounds like you had a busy Easter weekend. The chocolate eggs sound like a good idea, but a lot of effort and planning (2-3 days of drying?!?!).

Your tablescape is very springy (and, yes, I recognized the word from Food Network).

Thanks for the fabric. It came this weekend and I've been forgetting to email you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You are the chocolate egg queen, what a process! I definitely would have had a tantrum with that one =P

And your table looks beautiful =)

Natasha said...

Ha ha on "tablescape" as a watcher of the famous Table scaper I knew exaclty what you meant!! Yours is worthy of the queen herself, but did you change your kitchen decor as well?

Everthing looks lovely and I think you deserve a medal for the Martha eggs alone!

Glad you had a great day!

Heidijayhawk said...

oh katie what a wonderful weekend! love the tablescape! totally love it! i had some thrifting fun last week too!

Karyn said...

You are my hero.....I can't believe you even attempted those eggs!!!!!!
Your tablescape is awesome!

Anonymous said...

very nice tablescape! love that it was thrifted! and those chocolate eggs - holy cow!

Unknown said...

I'm completely impressed that you were ambitious enough even to attempt those eggs! I remember those from the mag last year. I think yours turned out really nice!

Anonymous said...

LOL What a horrible chocolate egg ordeal! I can definitely see how you were tempted by those MS eggs though. Glad you're husband wasn't arrested. You can tell him I think it really made your tablescape. :)

Jess said...

Oh my God, Katie, you deserve a medal and a parade for attempting those eggs! I'm impressed that you got them to turn out though. I would have given up and started sucking molten chocolate out of the eggs (waste not, want not, I always say).

Anina said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I saw those chocolate eggs in the April 2006 MSL, but decided it looked too hard, so my hat's off to you!
Your tablescape looks great. Isn't it nice to do something special with your table setting? I did a dinner a week or so back with a fun tablescape too (photos are on my blog) and everybody was SO impressed. Fun!

Jenn Maruska said...

What a lovely table! : )

African Kelli said...

Wow. I cannot believe you made those eggs! You have so much more patience than I do. That is just awesome.

Rebecca said...

Your table is lovely! Such great colors. And I have to commend you for trying those Martha eggs! You have mroe guts than I do. :)