Friday, April 06, 2007

Hippity Hoppity

Remember I posted about these the other day? (Also you can also check out Alicia's at Posie Gets Cozy.) Well last night I thought I'd try my hand at one because I was feeling too lazy to finish Isaiah's jacket. By the way, thanks for all the feedback on it yesterday!

Anyway, friends, meet Emily the Easter Bunny:

Emily is a piece of work. She wanted to wear her Sunday best. She begged me to make her a gathered a gathered skirt with vintage seam binding. Then she requested pearls! Can you believe that, pearls? Have you ever heard of such a thing. And as if that wasn't enough, she wanted a pink ribbon around her neck too. Boy, I tell you, she is worth the $85 Jennifer Murphy charges for hers! Later she'll probably ask me for a bouquet of flowers!

After all this dressing up, Emily was very tired. She decided she needed to sit (and I decided I didn't want to hold her in place until the glue dried). She's sitting on a beautiful bed of flowers, which is no more than scrapbook paper glued to a film canister (who has those anymore?).

Excuse me Emily, let me get a close up of your seat. Don't be modest.

Smile for the camera.

Emily will be gracing our dinner table on Sunday. Happy Easter, or Passover, or whatever you it is that you celebrate this spring!


Miss Bliss said...

Well Emily is too cute for words! Love the pearls. They seem like the perfect touch for such a lady, er... bunny. Anyhow, Happy Easter to you!

lera said...

She turned out very cute.

Have a great weekend and a happy Easter.

Karyn said...

Very very cute. So cute in fact I'm tempted to make my own, but that's not likely.

Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

How pretty and I just love her skirt! Happy Easter. :)

Anina said...

You are so funny!
Emily is very cute and deserves only the very best, so don't skimp on her...

Unknown said...

You are so brave to attempt the bunnies! I saw those instructions and thought, Oh no way. LOL She turned out just darling!