Thursday, March 15, 2007

A trip to the "Candy Shop"

(some more springy goodness, nothing to do with the post!)
My husband and I went to college not far from where we live now. We have been living out of this area for a little over a year and I'm so glad to be back here. I do, however, miss the abundance of craft and fabric stores near where my in-laws live. When we were in college I took many, many trips to Hancock fabrics, which at the time, was the only place I could find around us. So, now it's almost 7 years since the start of my freshman year, and guess what, still the closest fabric store to me! I'll have to do some more investigating when we get more settled.

A couple of days ago, I got the itch to buy some more fabric. Well, I went with the excuse that I needed some still interfacing for March's InStitches project. I happened to look up the sales flyer for that week before I went, and lucky me, interfacing was 50% off! And we all know how it is, you get there and a few things catch your eye, and you end up leaving with more than you went there for. Anyway, searched through the remnant bin and found these two beauties. Each is a little more than a yard, plenty enough to do some nice projects.

Best of all, McCall's and Butterick patterns were .99 each. I picked up a few, hopefully I will actually make one of these. I have about a million patterns that are unused. Part of that is not my fault though! I sweat! Blank's fabric, a huge warehouse store, was moving locations a few months back and everything was 75% off. My mother-in-law, being the sweet lady she is, bought me about 20 handbag patterns. She had gone there to buy patterns for a sewing school in Nigeria that she visits about 1-2 times a year. Anyway, maybe I'll cut into those sometime soon. Here are the one's I got a few days ago.

I don't know how those got turned and I don't know how to fix it. I hope you don't get a crick in your neck looking at them! Gosh, is it friday yet!?!?


lera said...

fabric is better than candy any day for me.

love the yellow/orange floral print.

Heidijayhawk said...

love the fabric! we only have a JoAnns in Topeka, but there are some awesome stores in surrounding cities! like i need a reason for a road trip.

Anonymous said...

Pretty fabric! I walked into that place tonight to buy the much-needed thread and walked out with four yards (two prints) of Russian Doll fabric. I left it in the car so DH wouldn't see it. LOL!

The Wooden Spool said...

Pretties! You lucky duckie!

Unknown said...

Cute fabrics! I know the feeling of coming out with more than you went in for - happens to me every time.

LeeAnn said...

I just bought the last dress pattern the other day. $1.99 at JoAnns. Next week all McCalls are on sale.