Friday, March 09, 2007

An unconventional workout

If you've ever put together a piece of Ikea furniture, you know that it can be a trying experience. Usually I love the challenge of putting things together, but there is something to be said about putting Ikea things together. Now seeing as this is what the mess of my bedroom looks like and the lack of storage we have, we opted for a large dresser.

I should have known when it came in 2 boxes that this was going to be quite the feat. But, as I said, I'm always up for a challenge. So yesterday, during Isaiah's nap, I was feeling quite ambitious and decided that I could put the thing together myself (even though there is a clear picture of 2 people doing it in the directions). I opened both boxes and out came about 200 different pieces. Case in point:

It wasn't long before I broke into a sweat, literally. You have to use about a million screws on each side and then tilt the piece up and down about 3 times. I mean, this is a pretty big piece, it comes up to my chest. Not to mention you have to use an allen wrench for everything. Those things really hurt your fingers. I felt like I had gone for a really brisk walk. I'm sure I wasn't looking too pretty either. Be glad I didn't document any pictures of myself!

The worst part about Ikea furniture is the directions. I hate just picture directions, but I also hate just word directions. They could have made my whole life easier by just printing both! Hell, I would've tried to read Japanese if they printed that.

Of course, the best part of Ikea is the price. I know they save cost by making the consumers feel like they just worked in the factory putting it together. So when it comes to sweat over saving money, I'll take saving money.

So finally the core is done, but I had to stop when I had to make each drawer. I'll leave that to be today's project. Here's what's finished so far. Wish me luck and have a great friday!


Anonymous said...

wow! you are very ambitious. I love putting furniture together, but the Ikea stuff gives me a headache (it's the allen wrenches and screws). well done! about the amy butler bag: it was pretty easy. she gives excellent instructions. I wasn't quite sure where she was headed at a few points, but I followed along anyhow and it turned out great. I didn't have to rip or redo once.

The Wooden Spool said...

Wow! Good luck moving! It's a lot of work, I know!!! You'll have fun decorating in your new house!!!!

Anonymous said...

I find that cussing, a rubber mallet and a copious amount of beer are necessary when assembling Ikea furniture.

Katie Jean said...

Haha mary, that's how I finished off the dresser... with beer!