Monday, March 05, 2007

Martha x 2

I often wonder what's it like to be organized all the time. I have my moments, but for the most part, I am a very mess person. Especially when it comes to crafting and sewing. My husband and I recently moved into our new house. We had been staying at my in-laws in the basement, which is literally bigger than our new house. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to have our own place, and love not living under someone else's expectations, but I do miss my lack of crafting space. Right now I am sitting under piles of boxes, overwhelmed in finding a place for it all. I took so many pictures of Martha's crafting area on her set. I was so envious of how neat and tidy it was. Of course, no one was using it, and it has to look neat, but it's Martha, and I bet her house looks like that too.

I am especially jealous of this crafting table. I only wish that I could find enough room in my house for something like this. It would certainly solve the storage issue. There has also been many posts by other bloggers, like Heather's, who have the most beautiful studios. If only I had that decorating/organizing gene in me!

This is a wall pocket that was on the side of the flower refridgerator. It held all the gardening tools and seed packets. Now I really want to make one of these!

Well, now I'm off to unpack and try to find places for things. Any suggestions on storing fabric in a small place? I have a ton!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I would love a craft table like that! I'm counting the days until my oldest leaves for college and I can take over his bedroom for all my stuff. Right now, I've been camped out in the dining room and I'm sure that thrills my family to no end. :D Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the purses you made!

Sarah and Jack said...

Have you seen this fabric folding tutorial?

I think if you did that, it would make the fabric fit in a much smaller space than using my method of "wad it up and cram it in there!"

African Kelli said...

Um, yes. Please sign me up for one of those giant crafting tables!! How great is that?