Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm crafty

I know.. hold onto your chairs.. I'm going to post some craftiness. Since we've moved into our house, I have not had time or space to do any crafting. And now that my Martha Stewart Good Things swap is over and ready to be sent, I now have a lot more crafting time. Yay! So this weekend I was feeling craft hungry. You know those times when you're just feeling filled with creativity and you just need to craft for your own sanity. Friday night turned out to be one of those nights.

During Christmas, we went down to St. Augustine, Florida to visit my sister-in-law. They have great outlets there and one in particular that I know we would all love.... a fabric outlet! Well there's good news and bad news to this fabric outlet. Bad news-it was closing. Good news- everything was $1.99 a yard! 99% of the fabric was home decorating weight, which is great for bag making! Anyway, here is one I picked up and I got 2 yards of it.

Halfway through the Wedding Bells, I had this cut out. Can you tell what it's becoming??

Oh, and a word to the wise. Don't try to cut through eight layers of batting at once. It is not a short cut!! Trust me, I learned my lesson!

Ta-Da! It's March's In Stitches project!

This was my first project from Amy Butler's book, so I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Although I clearly messed up in matching up with tab with the front of the project. When I was cutting it out I thought for sure that it was going to come out right. I guess I didn't account for the tab's seam allowance and the width of the bag. Anyway, even in the wordiness of the directions, it was fairly simple and a reasonably quick project. I have yet to do the flower, so I might add that later. Next time I'll probably do it in a darker fabric. I'm not sure if I like the lighter one, but I had the intention of doing it in this fabric because it was so springy.

Has anyone else done some of the projects from this book? I got it for Christmas and I was just in love with all of the things in it. I was a little intimidated by all the directions and the way she has written them, but once I started sewing, I realized the thoroughness really helped. Plus, it's a good way to learn different techniques, at least for this sort of self-taught seamstress. (I say sort of because I'm not sure I can count my sewing lessons from 4-H back in the day! haha)

Now I'm dying to do another project. Maybe I'll go back and do one of the projects that I missed in the In Stitches -along. Hmm.. we'll see. Happy monday everyone and here's to hoping spring will come back (For those who don't have spring now)!


lera said...

cute bag. very springy.

i have the book, but haven't used it yet. i have made bags from her patterns before, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so pretty! Although I'm laughing at the mental picture of you cutting through eight layers of batting all at once.

beki said...

Cute! I would be in love with a fabric outlet. I've never come across one of those.

Jess said...

How cute is that bag!?

Heidijayhawk said...

i love it! absolutely fabulous!

LeeAnn said...

The bag looks great! I am teaching myself some new sewing tricks too. I am attempting to make design and make my own pattern. I have been picking items up at thrift stores and tearing them apart to learn how they were put together. I like rock age, but it's working for me!

Sarah and Jack said...

That bag is so cute!

iSew said...

That's really cute, I love the fabric. I find it really hard to match prints like that. The seam allowance makes it difficult.
I have that book too, but I haven't made anything from it yet. Maybe I should start making something from the book every month too.