Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I guess not everyone is a huge fan of Martha's Good Things. Is this actually anyone interested in this swap at all? I can make amendments to the swap if there's a problem!


Martha is known for saying "it's a Good Thing." On her show and in her MS Living Magazine, she frequently has Good Things for crafting. This link should bring you to the list of the "Good Thing" Crafts. For this swap, you will list at least 10 Good Things that you would like to have your partner make for you. For instance, if you really like these gift tags you would include them on your list. Your partner can then choose to make these for you. I said you would each make 5 things because basically the good things are usually quick, easy crafts. I hope that clarifies this for anyone interested.


Jenn Maruska said...

Hi Katie - sorry I can't participate in this one. It does sound like fun, though : )

Anina said...

I think it may be the idea of making 4 things that's scaring them off. Also, I'm not sure people know exactly what "good things" are. Are they just things you'd like? Or specific things from a Martha list somewhere.

Unknown said...

I think it sounds fun but I've got some other stuff going so I just don't think I could get it all together in time. I agree with anina that making 4-5 things kind of overwhelms me right now! Otherwise, I think it sounds fun--just not a good time for me, personally.

Bristol said...

I would do it if your took it down to maybe one or two MS good things,
and then one thing you make. I bet people are freaked out about the amount. It's a really cute idea.


Jess said...

*Love* Martha's good things. I'd sign up, but four things in one month is a little beyond what I can commit to!

jessica said...

I think this is a great idea, just not great timing for me. I'm already in two other swaps and just can't commit to more. I hope you find some others who can participate.