Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Swap Update

Ok.. so it seems many of you are interested, but are worried about having to craft so many items. I hadn't thought it would be too many, but I'm definitely willing to lower the amount of items if people are interested. Sooooo.. here's the updated version:

Partners will send each other 3 items. Two will be handmade from your partner's list of their favorite Good Things. The 3rd can be anything Martha related. This does not have to be a handmade item. It can be a craft item from Michael's, a Martha mag, or just another "Good Thing". That will be up to you. Is this more reasonable?? I really hope some peeps out there want to do this!


Jess said...

OK, now I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to sign up?? Let me know,because I would love to participate!