Thursday, May 17, 2007

thrifty thursday and a mean letter to my sewing machine

Not too much luck at the thrift store this past week. I went monday when it was 25% off, and everything was so picked over that I actually walked out with nothing (and I never do that!) Yesterday I found a few things, like this beautiful embroidered pillowcase.
It wants to be made into something, but I don't think it'll work for Martha's new bags. Also 2 more teacups waiting to become teacup candles.
I can't take credit for this idea, again it is another Martha Good Thing. And also a pyrex refridgerator dish. I adore these things and wish that they'd still make these. I hate tupperware and plastic!

And a nasty little note for my sewing machine:

Dear Sewing Machine,
I hate you I hate you I hate you. I also hate the man that "fixed" you. I don't think he really cleaned you up. Maybe just a little lube job, that's all.

Why do you have to stop winding bobbins in the middle of a sewing project?

Now I turned you off for a little break. I hope that when I power you up, you'll be ready for more sewing. Don't disappoint me when I'm on a roll, hmm k?


(I don't really hate you, I just hate that you're not winding bobbins!)

I was working on this, which is going to become a bag at some point. I'm deciding which way it should go though. Originially I was making it so that the stripes would be horizontal, but then I turned it and like them vertical. And now, I'm going back and forth. So which way do you like it?


Sarah and Jack said...

I actually prefer the stripes to be vertical.

(What kind of machine are you using?)

Breanna said...

My vote is for vertical! I'm sure it will look fabulous either way. Sorry to hear about your machine, wish I could help, but I am clueless.

Karyn said...

I LOVE your mean letter. It made me LOL! I think I prefer the horizontal stripes, but both look great.

Heidijayhawk said...

i'll go with sarah and breanna (sorry karyn) and say they look lovely vertical. what are you making? love my new machine, what is it that you are using? nothing puts a cramp in your creative spirit like a testy machine.

Anina said...

Fun finds.
I hate my sewing machine right now too, so you're not alone. Both little lightbulbs went out. I replaced them, but still nothing..
Sewing by candlelight is NOT fun.

Anonymous said...

Hope your sewing machine is soon cooperating with you. That's not loving.

I think I like the horizontal stripes. Can't put my finger on what it is about them, but that's the one that draws my eye.

Unknown said...

I like horizontal!

lera said...

Both stripes look great. But maybe I like the vertical better. Maybe?

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh no - hope your machine starts working again soon! Give it a stern talking to (wave your fist a little) you have to show it who's boss! : )

I like the horizontal stripes - I feel like I can see the different fabrics better that way.

: )

Anonymous said...

Awww... your first line in your hatemail to your machine made me laugh!!

Jennifer said...

Gosh decisions, decisions! Hmm. I like horizontal for a change of pace. My sewing machine is a bit possessed right now. For a whole day the light wasn't working and then all of a sudden it just went on again. Weird. I need to get it serviced.

Rebecca said...

Hi Katie! I like the stripes horizontal. Piecing is such a mystery me, this looks awesome!

Oh and BAD sewing machine. BAD! (that'll teach it.)

Anonymous said...

gotta say horizontal!