Monday, May 14, 2007

Picasso has nothing on this kid!

Saturday was Isaiah's first attempt to be an artist. Did Picasso eat his paints? Because if so, Isaiah is on his way to something good. I'm glad I waited for John to help me out on this one, because if I had done it alone, Isaiah and I would both have been blue.

I made this bag for my MIL on Sunday. The idea is from Lotta Jansdotter, and the title of her book holds up to it's name, because it definitely was some simple sewing. I used some of my precious Amy Bulter fabric.
I asked John which one I should use and he said that one, and I said (of course, clutching my fabric), "But this is my favorite fabric." And to that he added "Katie, you buy fabric to use it, not to just let it sit around and stare at it." True true. So I used it, and she loved it, so I guess it was worth it. I added a lining, althought the pattern didn't call for it and also put the handles on the outside (it called for them to be sewn to the inside). I also added the flower that I had found among my sewing things. I had made it many years ago after watching an episode of "Crafters Coast to Coast" where a very talented girl made one to attach to a bag she was making. A few years later I realized, wait that's Alicia of the Posie Gets Cozy fame! Anyway, I have a few more of those flowers lying around. I had made like a million of them when that episode was first on and I was obsessed with their cuteness. Maybe I'll get around to using those sometime...

And these beauties arrived for me in the mail on Saturday. They're from LeeAnn and I just adore them! So a big Thank You to LeeAnn!


lera said...

Look at Isaiah! He looks like he enjoyed himself!

Love your bag. It is very hard to cut up the good fabric. It takes time to "part" with it. Only another crafter understands. Not husbands.

Anina said...

Blue - literally or figuratively speaking?

I love the bag. That book is on my Amazon wish list.

LA said...

I love baby pictures with things smeared on their faces - too cute!

Happy Mother's Day (belated)

Cheers! LA

Stephanie said...

The bag is great! I have a hard time using my favorite fabrics too (most of which are Amy B.).

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

Isaiah looks so cute!

The bag looks great. I have that same conversation with my boyfriend all time time. And since I'm super stubborn, I usually end up folding up the fabric, petting it a little... and then putting it back into it's place in my stash. :)

Unknown said...

Gosh, that tote turned out cute!

Anonymous said...

The conversation that you had with your husband is all too familiar. Coincidentally, that Amy Butler fabric is one of the ones in the "admire" pile right now. I'll cut into it...just not yet. ;)