Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cowboy-rific and 7 random things

A few weeks ago, Finny posted some ideas for her "stash" of cowboy fabric and asked for other suggestions. Well, me and my infinite wisdom thought the fabric was perfect for Amy Butler's recipe card holder with a BBQ recipe inside. Ask and you shall receive, isn't that how it goes? So I am now the proud owner of this, made by Finny herself. Of course, I'm hiding the recipe cause I just don't want to share it! hee hee. Plus she sent along some yummy chocolates, which I'm eating on the sly because Isaiah keeps whining for one. Giddy-up!

Anyway, I found these lovely ribbons at the thrift store. I spotted them as soon as I walk in, and there were about 20 other bags filled with the same kinds of ribbon. I had to restrain myself and only walked away with one bag. Yay victory! They're really good quality, all weather ribbon. I'm thinking they might make some nice purse handles. We'll see.

And so I've been tagged by iSew to write 7 random things about me. Here are the rules:

-Write 7 random facts/habits about yourself on your blog
-Choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names (then make sure you go to those people's blogs to let them know they're "it").

1. I have a major tactile problem. My cousin and I recently discovered that we share this same feeling. I have a hard time touching a lot of things, i.e. certain fabrics, sandpaper, frosted glass, paint your own pottery. It's especially bad when my fingers are dry, so I'm always needing lotion on my hands. Sometimes I won't touch my husband's hands if either of our hands are dry.

2. I've been an athlete my entire life. I played softball when I was in college for CUA (that's not me in the picture.) When I was a freshman I was playing 3rd base (which I never do) and I ran into a fence trying to catch a foul ball. I ended up breaking my foot and I did not catch the ball. Subsequently, the next 3 years, everyone on the team would yell "fence" everytime there was a foul ball.

3. I have my degree in Chemistry and my senior comprehensive paper was titled "Noninvasive Imaging Agents for Early Alzheimer Diagnosis." I really have no urge to do anything in the field of chemistry now. Go figure.

4. I learned how to sew from my mother, but honed my skills in 4-H. Saying I was in 4-H always makes me seem like I was such a hick. I never actually had any part in taking care of animals, we always just did sewing and craft projects. Good times.

5. My cousins lived next door to us when we were little. Jenna and I were always doing crazy things, which was usually my idea and she would just say "sure Katie" to whatever I said. We picked flowers from my neighbor's yard and tried to sell them. We held yard sales at the end of our driveway. We never made any money because we lived on a road that only about 2 cars would drive down each day. We also pretended to host tv shows like cooking and excercise. I still have the excercise one on tape.

6. I am messy. I hate doing dishes and putting away laundry (although I don't mind folding it.) I am never able to do a few small chores everyday. I am the kind of person that waits for the mess to be "too much" and I have to clean everything at once. Although I'm untidy, I can't understand how people get ridiculously cluttered like on "Clean House." That would drive me nuts. I'd much rather craft or sew than do dishes (but who wouldn't?)

7. I love to figure out and know how things work. I just spent a half hour watching how a sock is made. I was amazed at how the knitting machine was able to work so fast. When I was a kid I'd take things apart just to see how they worked.

Ok, that's it.. hope you enjoyed. I don't think I'll tag anyone personally, but if you haven't done it on your blog, consider yourself "it".


Jess said...

I'm totally with you on 4, 6, and 7.

Karyn said...

What a great package you received and I love the ribbon, very pretty.

lera said...

Great Finny package.

Your list is pretty funny. I can relate to a few of them.

Heidijayhawk said...

loved your last two posts! the pear fabric is one of my favs and the amy butler recipe card holder? shut up!

Anonymous said...

fun post - i've learned a lot about sensory integration because of my son - and it's so interesting. we really all have sensory issues and people look at them as quirks. the more i read about it the more i recognize mine (and my daughter's!)

Allyson Hill said...

How funny are you!!

I recently found an old video that my sister and I made up. Very ridiculous!

Thanks for a good laugh : )

Jennifer said...

The tactile thing is funny and not because you deal with it, but because my son has a huge sensory issue with many things. Lotion, short sleeves, long sleeves, collars...any changes and he's annoyed. Well he's only 3, but it's there. I am realizing this more common that I think!

FinnyKnits said...

I'm glad the package arrived safely and that the chocolate was not all smooshy like when I shipped out my last project.

Thank you for your advice on the fabric. I'm happy to say that it is GONE.


iSew said...

What a great list, sorry I took so long to read it, hehe.
By the way, #1 ME TOO...big time. I have issues with all of my senses. Especially my hearing, I'm so sensitive. And picking up chilled pewter plates, flat paint on walls eugh. I'm shuddering now. We have much in common.