Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crafter's Block

I am having a major creative block. Last night I started working on an idea for a new tote, and I couldn't figure out how to finish it. It's been driving me nuts. Now it's too the point where I can't make anything else. Maybe it's because I'm not completely happy with how this tote is coming along or maybe the fact that I have fabric coming out of my ear. Seriously, if I talk about buying anymore fabric, call the authorities!! Of course the new Denyse Schmidt fabric is out, and I'm dying to have it.

Anyway, I started this tote after watching Martha yesterday. I loved the top Kerri Russell was wearing and I thought maybe it would be make a nice top for a tote. So I pleated a thrited pillowcase, but it's seems to be too large. I may have another go at it, but now I'm having a hard time putting fabrics together. I feel so indecisive and frustrated at the same time. Do you crafty ladies ever have this problem? What do you do to overcome your creative block?

I should mention that when I showed my husband this, he said "it looks like something an ugly girl would wear." Whaaaaaaat?? He explained that "well ugly girls always wear old things because they don't care what they look like, and that is old looking. It looks like an apron." Gee thanks. I swear he's not always that mean!

I am really wanting to sew on my newly cleaned machine! Plus, I've been thinking about opening an etsy shop (like everyone else). We could use a little extra money, it could pay for my fabric habit, and I could use up a lot of fabric in the process. People are always asking me if I have a website, so this would be a perfect way to have one. Now if I could only make something, I'd be in business!


LeeAnn said...

I am with you girl. Our husbands must be cut from the same mold, because when I bring home my thirft fabric finds he always wrinkles his nose and says "if my mom owns it, it's not going to be any good!"

I have also been toying around with the idea of opening an etsy shop. Just the idea of a way to support my crafting hobby get's be excited!

lera said...

I like the bag, despite your hubby's opinion.

I get "the block" a lot. I have a hard time with coordinating fabrics. In fact, I've been pairing a lot of fabrics with solids because I'm afraid it will be too busy looking. (Oh, and the Amy Butler cards I was making? I cheated. The paper is double-sided so I used that for the coordinating stripe.)

Anina said...

I know what you mean about the block. My advice is to find something completely new to make. No more totes. Give them a break.

Karyn said...

Men just don't get it. I will learn that some day. My husband almost always says he likes whatever it is I'm showing off to him but I know he just says that because he's scared to say anything else.

Step away from that project for a bit and move on, you can always go back to it :)

Rebecca said...

Oh I get that all the time, no worries. You'll break out of it soon.

I think any one who is thinking of giving Etsy a try should do it!

jessica said...

My husband usually take the approach of not having an opinion - I suppose it's safer;).

As far as block goes, yes, I get it! I usually try to just not think about whatever's blocking me and move on to something else. Sometimes this means I don't finish the project, but often, I get a flash of inspiration. Good luck!

African Kelli said...

Oh, your husband is a stinker! I'm sure that was one of those things that came out and he immediately regretted!
I push through craft block by reading other blogs for renewed creativity. And by just stepping away for a couple of days.
Can't wait to see how it comes out. I'm sure it will be great!

Unknown said...

I feel your pain regarding men. LOL My husband says similar things about some of the things I like. But we have completely different tastes. I love old/antique things. Him not so much if it is not brand spankin new he isnt interested.

For the artist block I have been there (many times) I usually just walk away and come back with a fresh look at it and it always seems to work out for me.

Jenn Maruska said...

We all get those blocks sometimes, you're not alone.

It helps me to do something that's not "creative" for a day or two and then give the project another try. So, for example, I would spend a day doing domestic stuff - cleaning, laundry, etc. (mindless stuff - gives my brain a rest). Then try being creative again.

: ) You'll break out of it.

As for husbands - mine usually makes suggestions. Suggestions that double the amount of work I intended to do. But once he's planted the seed in my mind - it's hard not to do the extra work, because usually his ideas are pretty good.

Occasionally, though, he'll suggest something, I'll say "You're crazy!" and go back to what I was doing.

: )

The Wooden Spool said...

Cccute bag! Those men....gotta luv 'em.....keep up the great work! Love what i see here!

iSew said...

Jenn's right, just take a break. That's what I do...just walk away for a while. Go shopping. I think every idea for a handbag that I get comes from seeing someone standing at a train station or in line at the grocery store.

Don't let the men get you down either. My boyfriend is really bad with colors & styles. He has no clue. He's British too, black socks with khaki pants. eugh Who'd ask him for design advice?

Breanna said...

I am with you on the crafter's block. I am going through a similar thing right now. My advice is to step away. The answer will come to when you are least expecting it. Sometimes I forget that crafting is supposed to be fun and relaxing!

Anonymous said...

The best way that I know to solve my creative blogs is to go for a very long walk by myself in the woods. It allows my mind to wander and I start thinking about all sorts of things. I don't necessarily think about solving my problem but eventually my thinking comes around to that and many times a solution presents itself!