Friday, May 18, 2007

Scrappy Bag

Thanks for all your input yesterday. In the end, the vertical stripes won out. Well on the front at least. I toned down the back, with just a few horizontal stripes. That way, if you're not feeling like such a busy bag, you can turn it around. The inside is lined with some thrifted sheets that I've had sitting around for a while.
I'll be making a couple more of these to open up an etsy shop. Because, you know, etsy needs a few more handbags around. Anyway, I figure it can't hurt and my "customers" always ask me if I have a website. So, my goal this weekend is to make a few more bags and some other things, and to hopefully have a shop up and running by monday.

As for my sewing machine, I don't know if the bobbin winding thingy is working yet, so please send your "get better sewing machine" vibes my way.

Yesterday Isaiah and I went to the first Farmer's Market of the season in our town. There was a lady selling her handmade jewelry there and I'm thinking of looking into the possibility of selling my bags there. Does anyone have experience selling their wares at Farmer's markets? I know Ms. Fluffy Flowers does! What do you think of them?


lera said...

Cute bag. (I think I have that same lining in the form of a pillowcase.)

I hope your sewing machine starts cooperating better so you can have a productive weekend.

Anina said...

Very cute bag!
As for farmers markets - You have to have a whole lot of inventory or it looks like you have nothing, and of course, you don't know if people will actually buy anything, but it is a lot of fun. A very social experience. (BTW we sold plants at the farmers market, not crafts.)

Stephanie said...

I love the bag! I can't decide which side I like better...they're both great!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of selling at our local farmer's market too. The only drawback is that ours is small so I think that the same people would frequent it everyweek, and this would mean no new customers after a while. I have done one craft fair so far and I and doing another one in July. I may stick to this just to save time.

My comment probably hasn't been all that helpful to you, but best of luck in deciding what to do!

Heidijayhawk said...

oh my goodness! too much cuteness! i love it katie!

Allyson Hill said...

Good luck setting up your new Etsy shop! The bag turned out great too! I wanted to sell at my local farmer's market this summer but they were full and not accepting any new artisans : ( I was totally hoping for that extra income this summer, oh well. I think it all depends on how busy the farmer's market is and like randi said, will it be the same people every week. It wouldn't hurt to find out what kind of commitment they require though.