Monday, October 11, 2010

New York! (and thank yous!)

central park

Hello! I didn't mean to disappear like that after my last post, but the last few weeks have been crazy busy. We headed up to New York (both the state & city) for the week for a few events. My cousin got married two Saturdays ago and I had my 10 year (eeek!) High School Reunion Saturday night. It was a great time and I just love being in New York for fall. My mom and I took Isaiah to NYC for the first time. He got to ride the train down and visit Central Park. Another thing I love about NY this time of year is apple picking. There are so many farms near my parents house and this is probably one of the prettiest I've ever been to.You can see the Catskill mountains in the background.

apple picking

Yesterday we took a hike on a trail I've probably passed a million times but have never been on. It was a beautiful day and I was able to climb the fire at the end of the trail. It has magnificent views of the Hudson Valley.

fire tower view of hudson

I also wanted to thank all of you that have made a donation to our Light the Night Walk and for entering the quilt giveaway. The walk is this upcoming Saturday, so I will leave the giveaway open until Friday when I will announce the winner. Feel free to continue to spread the work and I really appreciate your support. To date, the quilt has raised over $500! If you'd still like a donation you can make one here and you can see the quilt on the post below. I'll be back tomorrow with information on some handmade items you can purchase to help support the walk.

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Wendy said...

I love New York City. I've been lucky enough to go 3 times so far, twice in the fall and once in summrer. I much preferred it in the autumn but would go ANY TIME!