Friday, August 29, 2008

Thrifty Finds and a Book Giveaway

Yesterday was a nice and much needed rainy day, so Isaiah and I headed off to the thrift store. It was slim pickings around the store until I hit the craft area and found some yarn. There were two huge bags stuffed with yarn. Usually the yarn found at the thrift store is stuff that I'd rather not knit with, but upon further inspection, I noticed one of the bags had two balls of Debbie Bliss cotton. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. I quickly threw the two bags into my cart, knowing they were a deal at $3.95 and $1.95 a bag. Seriously. The Debbie Bliss yarn still had the price tags on them, $6.50 for each ball!

Anyway, there were some other good yarns in there two. Some Encore, which I think will be perfect for a sweater for Isaiah. And this pretty green yarn, which feels like wool, but I'm not completely sure. I'm wondering if it would be good sock yarn. I'm really wanting to try to knit a pair. All in all, there were 14 skeins/balls of yarn for $6.00. Now I just need some suggestions on what to knit, after I finish knitting my Rusted Root, of course. Something quick, easy, and satisfying. I only wish I were prolific as some knitters I know.

I also picked up some new books for Isaiah, as is our habit every time we go. It's my go to distraction for him while I shop. There were two bags of books by Rigby Mathematics and they seemed interesting, so I figured I'd give them a go for .80 each. What I didn't realize, however, was that there were 4 copies of each of the 4 books. I obviously don't need that many, so I thought I'd give them away to whoever wants them. They're thin paperback books, written by math professors. They have a rhyme to them with numbers. I think they'd be perfect for kids who are learning to count, or even beginning readers. Isaiah has been enjoying them, but I do think they'd also be good for kindergarteners , whom I think they are really aimed at. They might also be a good addition to homeschooling. I have 3 sets to give away, each containing four books : Fish for Supper, Penny Penguin's Party, Birds, Birds, Everywhere, and The Queen of Hearts. Just leave a comment if you're interested, and I'll pick three people on Monday. I'm going to limit this to U.S. and Canada for shipping reasons. Have a nice weekend everyone!


jessica said...

Congrats on your yarn find - its always nice to find good yard at a great price! and count me in for your book giveaway - those would be perfect for Peter.

lera said...

From a non-knitter, it looks like you scored with the yarn!

Anina said...

Wow, lucky you! I really need to visit my LYS and find some yarn for a project. It's time to knit!
(I don't need books, so don't add me to the draw.)

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the books. I'm not a knitter--mostly scarves--so how do you know if it's yarn worth buying (aside from it being a good deal)?

Stephanie said...

Katie, I can't wait to get together with you and knit again. It's beginning to feel like Fall and all I want to do is knit (that and the fact that my fabric is packed away at the moment in anticipation of our move :(...I'm having withdrawal and the only think that helps is yarn).

P.S. Please don't enter me for the book giveaway as I have no little ones to share them with.

Karyn said...

Debbie Bliss yarn??? Score!

Anonymous said...

What a neat find with the yarn. I would love a copy of the math books; I love to mix both math and literature.

Joy said...

Good finds are always SO exciting! Thanks for offering the books in a giveaway! I would definitely be interested for the little ones! ;)

Philigry said...

great deals on the yarn. so lucky! I can't wait to see rusted root! those books sound great! count me in!

Julia said...

Those books sound like great pre-school books! yay

the ark said...

I could always use some more homeschooling books! What a treat!

Anonymous said...

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