Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My mother in law came over Saturday with a huge bundle of concord grapes in hand. She figured I would do something with them because they are not entirely edible off the vine. I instantly remembered that I had seen something on the food network about making grape pie. I was intrigued and this gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. So I popped grapes, simmered them, pressed them through a sieve, dumped them into a pie crust, and in 40 minutes we had a delicious pie that came from picked only hours before. Of course, there are no pictures of the pie because it didn't last long. I loosely based my recipe on this one.

Luckily, there were tons of grapes left over and my little assistant loved popping them out of the skins, full of deep belly laughs. While he napped, they were made into a delicious jam. Only problem is, we have one jar. Hopefully nana can pass on some more grapes. Isaiah thoroughly enjoyed the process. Perfect for little fingers that don't mind getting dirty.


Unknown said...

We had concord grapes at the house where I grew up and my mom made not only grape jelly but also grape juice. It was very concentrated in the jar so you had to add water to drink it, but it was delish!

FinnyKnits said...

Grape pie? Really? I would have never tried that.

Was it like having a jelly sandwich where the bread was pie crust? I mean, that kinda sounds good, actually.

Anonymous said...

Oh yummmmmmmm! But you didn't save me a piece! LOL!

Kay said...

You brave brave woman! Concord grapes and kids spells disaster in my mind. I'm just thinking stains everywhere, lol! I think I'm lazy, I'm sure he did love it, what kid wouldn't? Grape pie sounds interesting, does it taste just like grape jelly? I dunno... ;)