Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Birthday Giveaway

Since my birthday is on Friday, I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway. But I'm going to make you work for it, because who wouldn't like to learn a little trivia about me. Right? So, I'll be giving away one of my wristlets. The winner will get to choose one of these.

For the contest, the person will the most correct answers to the following questions will win. You'll have until Friday afternoon to submit you guesses.

So here we go:

1. What time of the day was I born?

2. How much did I weigh?

3. We took frequent trips to what city as children? Hint: This picture was taken at a popular place in this city.

4. One of my favorite birthday parties was at the place in this picture. It was one of the "hotspots" in our small town. What is the place? Double bonus points if you can guess the actual name of the place.

5. I have one sister. This is one of my favorite pictures of us as kids. Can you guess how much younger than me she is? She's the one on the right.

6. How did John and I meet and under what circumstances?

7. What is my favorite type of cake for my birthday?

Good Luck! I can't wait to read all your answers!


LeeAnn said...

I think your Mom has this contest in the bag! Happy Birthday!

Anina said...

First off, you were a beautiful baby! All that hair!
My guesses:
1. 1 am
2. 6lbs 6oz
3. Houston, TX
4. Chuck E. Cheese's
5. 18 months
6. In college. He was the captain of the football team and you were the prettiest cheerleader out there. :-)
7. Ice cream cake

Joy said...

How fun is this!!!

My guess are...
1.) You were born in the early morning.
2.) Weighing 8lbs 3oz
3.) Houston, Cape Canaveral or DC (is that cheating?) ;)
4.) This is tricky!!! I thought that it could be Showbiz Pizza (Chuck E. Cheese) but the picture doesn't really look like it plus would there be one in a small town? Hmmm, I am going to go with a skating rink maybe. As for the name, no idea but we could call it Skate-o-rama!
5.) 2 years between you and your sister?
6.) You met through a mutual friend on a blind date!?
7.) I think that you have mentioned Ice Cream Cake in the past! ;)

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Anonymous said...

1. 2 pm
2. 7lbs. 9 oz
3. Cape Canaveral, Florida
4. A Roller Rink
5. 20 months
6. In High School- He was on the football team and you were a cheerleader
7. Chocolate cake/chocolate frosting

Stephanie said...

Katie, your baby pictures are adorable! Here are my guesses:

1. 11:59 pm
2. 7 lbs
3. Cape Canaveral, Fl
4. A skating rink
5. 2 years (you two look so much alike!)
6. You met in college.
7. Devil's food cake

I hope you have a good birthday week!

Jody Sanders said...

1. 6:00 am
2. 8 lb.
3. Cape Canaveral, FL
4. Shakey's ... doesn't look like it though
5. 3 years
6. at school?
7. ice cream cake

I don't think I've been following your blog long enough!

Lissa Jane said...

Oh I love guessing competitions, but just realised I never win guessing competitions!!!
1. 1.30pm
2. aw you were so cute... um 8ls 5oz
3. something NASA, I am gonna say the one in Florida (dunno what suburb it is in, hey I am in Australia remember??)
4. you aren't dressed for Ice Skating, small town hotspots? we dont have one in our town, but Roller Parties were popular when I was a kid or POOL parties or I think Bowling!!!!
5. 23 months
6. met in the sandpit in kindergarten, childhood sweethearts!
7. Hmmmm I am going with some chocolate cake, us girls we LOVE the chocolate cake! LOL


Anonymous said...

okay, I'm playing--

1. 6:44 a.m.
2. 7 lbs. 8 ounces
3. Cape Canaveral, Florida
4. Chuck E Cheese
5. 19 months
6. In college, a blind date
7. Ice cream cake

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I've only been reading your blog for about a week, but I'll give it a shot anyways, those little wristlets are too cute to not try to win!!
1. 3:00 pm
2. 8 lbs 3 oz
3. Washington DC
4. Roller Skating Rink
5. 18 months
6. Blind date, sophmore year of college
7. chocolate with chocolate icing

Anonymous said...

wow, you're making us work for this, katie!

here goes nothing:
1 - around midnight
2 - 9 lb. 3 oz. (that's how much i was!)
3 - Washington, DC
4 - roller rink (Skate zone?)
5 - 22 months
6 - At a Loyola football game
7 - ice cream cake

Amy Yang said...

I know none of these answers but I'm going to give it a shot for one of those wristlets :)
3.Cape Canaveral, FL
4.Roller Rink (those were the coolest)
5.19 months
6.Met in High School through friends, possibly set-up?
7.Coconut, duh!

Amy said...

Oh fun...I have no clue!
2.7lb 12 oz.
3.Cape Canaveral, Florida
4.bowling alley
5.22 months
6.worked together at same place in college
7.Vanilla with chocolate frosting

Happy birthday!

*~hj~* said...

So hard! Here we go...
1. 11 am
2. 6 lbs 8oz
3. Houston, TX
4. A roller skating rink
5. 2 years
6. School/ had a class together
7. Ice cream cake

Corrine said...

I totally just came upon your blog, but thought it would be fun to guess!

1. 2:25 am
2. 8 lbs 2 Oz
3. Houston, Texas and Galveston
4. Some pizza parlor
5. She is 22 months younger
6. You were bribed by a friend to go to a baseball game where he hit a fly ball and it hit you and broke your nose. He felt so bad, and came up to you to see how you were doing, and looked into your eyes and just fell in love instantly.
7. Black Cherry Forest