Saturday, April 26, 2008

Answers and a winner

The answers first:

1. What time of the day was I born?
12:23 pm

2. How much did I weigh?
7 lbs 7 oz and although I wasn't large, I ended up being a c-section baby because I wouldn't turn the right way

3. We took frequent trips to what city as children? Hint: This picture was taken at a popular place in this city.
Washington, D.C. This was at the Air & Space Museum. Still one of my favorites!

4. One of my favorite birthday parties was at the place in this picture. It was one of the "hotspots" in our small town. What is the place? Double bonus points if you can guess the actual name of the place.
At the Roller Rink and it was (is still) called Roller Magic

5. I have one sister. This is one of my favorite pictures of us as kids. Can you guess how much younger than me she is? She's the one on the right.
She is 30 months younger than me

6. How did John and I meet and under what circumstances?
John and I met freshman year of college. He was dating my roommate's best friend and would often stop by our room with her. We started dating soon after they broke up, 2nd semester of that same year.

7. What is my favorite type of cake for my birthday?
Ice Cream Cake!! Yum yum, and I was lucky to have some last night. Thanks John :)

Since there was 3 of you with the right number of answers, I entered it into the Random number generator, and the person who wins is......


Please send me an e-mail at with your address and I'll let you know which wristlets I still have.


Joy said...

How fun!!! I am excited about your wonderful wristlet!!!
Hope that you had a great birthday!!!

Amy said...

Oh that was too much fun! I thinkI may have gotten the most wrong!!!