Friday, August 10, 2007

Dinner recap

Dinner out was fantastic! I forgot what it was like to have a girls night out, ride the metro, and pretend to be one of the fabulous interns walking the streets of D.C. Not that I was ever an intern, mind you. But I like to image that they live fabulous, or at least interesting, lives. Sure they're probably all crammed into a tiny townhouse with 7 other people, paying $1000 a month each in rent. But they live right where all the best restaurants and all the action happens.

Anyway, where was I? Dinner. Right. The restaurant was great. I rode the metro in and it was only 2 blocks away. I felt like I had stepped onto the set of Sex and the City. The ambiance was great. Simple, calming, and fresh. My friend Amy and I had a small table near the kitchen, so we got to see every dish as it came out. It certainly helped our decision making for our meal. We quickly decided that we'd share each course, and what a great idea that was! For $30 you could choose one appetizer or "firsts" as they called them, an entree or a pizza, and then dessert or a cheese plate. These is what we ordered:

First Course:

penne & pulled amish chicken with dried tomatoes, basil, ricotta salata
fettucine & lump crab with radicchio, chile flakes, mascarpone


stone mustard braised shoat, grilled ciabatta, chard, peaches
Pizza with green pesto, local goat cheese, and heirloom tomatoes

Summer Fruit Crisp
Two cheese: one from the hudson valley (an ode to our home) and one from maryland

It was all so delish, that we over looked the fact that our waiter was a complete nerd (although we did have a few laughs over that). I definitely recommend the restaurant if you're in the area. I just wish that we had some leftovers!

This weekend we're off on another adventure. John's parents inherited a timeshare from his grandmother because they no longer use it. My in-laws said that if we (us and john's siblings) continue using it, that they'd keep up with the yearly fees. Since no one else was taking advantage of it, we decided we would and invited my cousin and her boyfriend to come with us. So, on Sunday we are headed down to Weston, FL (near Ft. Lauderdale), for an entire week. It's a much needed vacation, and for only the cost of the flight and a rental car (which we'll share with my cousin), it couldn't be more budget friendly!

Hopefully I'll be back with some great stories and pictures to share.


Heidijayhawk said...

that really sounds amazing!!! what a lucky girl!


I was a DC intern and brokedy-broke-broke-broke! Of course, I was an unpaid intern at NASA Headquarters and got paid in books (which was worth it for me at the time). ;) I had to work as a restaurant hostess to pay for my train tickets into town (I lived with family friends in Fredricksburg, VA). I love DC though, it has such an electric atmosphere.

Raesha D said...

DC is so cool...and I loved riding the metro - I would take it into town and meet my dad in Crystal City after he got off work and we'd go explore the city. FL sounds so fun!! Are you going to be near the ocean???

Stephanie said...

I love DC too. I can't imagine living anywhere else right now. I have heard really good things about Sonoma but haven't yet tried it. I will soon though! Have a great time in Florida.

LeeAnn said...

Dinner sounds fabulous. I bookmarked the site for future reference. Mmm.

Anina said...

Dinner sounds yummy.
I'm a little late on posting, so you're already on your way to Florida. Enjoy!

Jenn Maruska said...

I'm with leeann - Mmmmmm. That menu is making me hungry! : )

Chara Michele said...

Enjoy your time away in Florida! It sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

Stop, you're making me so hungry! :) It sounds like a wonderful time.