Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Camping, Cars, and a Quilt

Well camping was actually a huge success. Isaiah really really loved it. Of course, it was much easier when there were 10 extra helping hands. Isaiah did pretty well sleeping in the tent, although when he woke up Saturday morning he was mildly confused to see his godmommy and her boyfriend with us. Not to mention being completely covered up in the tent. I did wake up freezing Friday night. It was sooo weird and none of us expected it to get that cold.

We had a beautiful day on Saturday and hiked the Swallow Falls Trail. It was just so gorgeous and we went back later to go swimming in the falls. (Seriously, Lera, who wouldn't love Maryland??) It was cold, but it was such a great time. As we were packing up on Sunday it started to pour, but at least that happened the day we were leaving, and not on Saturday. It was so great to hang out with family and camp together. We always went camping as kids each year and it felt a little strange to do it together as "adults" and not with our parents.

Anyway, our car is waiting to be towed to the mechanics. Then we'll see what the damage is and what will need to be fixed. Hopefully it won't take long, but I'm over the car being stolen. I just want everything fixed and to have my minivan back. If those little bastards even think about stealing it again, I swear I will hunt them down!!

After a weekend of no crafting, I spend the day yesterday making a new doll quilt. I've been wanting to try out the "Anyway You Slice It" pattern from Denyse Schmidt. I really love how it came out. I'll definitely be making a few more of these since I already have the pieces cut out. It's now hanging on my "Wall of Quilts', which really only consists of 4 quilts, but hey, it's a start.

And I really want to thank all of you who have left kind comments, sent sweet e-mails and cards, and brightened my day after all this car stolen fiasco. Thank you thank you thank you!!


Stephanie said...

Your camping trip sounds lovely. I really hope to do that in the Fall. I love the Fall in this area, don't you?

Good job on your new quilt! I am itching to try my hand at quilting.

lera said...

Cute quilt.

I had forgotten about Swallow Falls! Haven't been there since I was in college.

Oh, I'm sure it did get cold in the mountainous range at night! I can only imagine.

I LOVE MARYLAND! (But you already knew that. I just needed to say it again. lol)

Chara Michele said...

Very cute quilt!

Your camping trip sounds like it was lovely:)

Jennifer said...

Cool quilt, glad you had a fun time camping. WE have yet to embark on that adventure yet. hope to soon.

Anina said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your camping trip. We normally go at least once every summer, but somehow this summer has slipped by without one.
I love the quilt. I'm thinking of starting my own wall of quilts.

Heidijayhawk said...

sounds like things are settling down. glad to hear that! and glad you had a nice and peaceful weekend!

Natasha said...

It is a good thing to spend happy time with family esp after the week you had!!

The quilt is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Your doll quilt is lovely. And wow, that waterfall is breathtaking.