Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The craft fair

So the craft fair turned out to be kind of a bust. It was hot and sunny and not nearly as many people came out as they had advertised would. Luckily I split the booth (and the fee) so I did make a little bit of money, but not nearly enough to make it worth my time. Of course I forgot my camera, so I am borrowing this picture from my boothmate Katie. I'm so glad I shared a booth with her because even though the fair was slow, at least I had someone fun to hang out with! You should check out her etsy shop. She makes some of the coolest books, especially the lego books! I have lots of things to add to my etsy shop now, and this is just a sampling.

I'll probably be adding all week long, so feel free to check it out.

Today my goal is to get my sewing room cleaned up. Right now my things from the craft fair are sitting in the living room and taking up a lot of room! And since I'm cleaning out my sewing room, I'll probably be adding more to my vintage shop as well. I found a whole stack of vintage quilting magazines I forgot I had bought!

Oh, and if you haven't entered already, Katie at Philigry is giving away some great Amy Butler fabric! Plus you don't read her already, you should. She makes some great things and is an impressive and quick knitter!


Philigry said...

oh, so sorry it did not go better. your booth is to die for! i am hosting a fabric give away on my blog!

Needled Mom said...

Sorry that it wasn't better since you had to give up your day. At least you have a lot for your Etsy shop now.

Erin @ Two More Seconds said...

My craft fair this weekend was a bust, too! But my weather was rainy and gloomy - so I feel like that was keeping people away. :( Oh well, I learned a lot! Your booth looks great!