Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blah, Thrift, Blah, Sew

Sigh, I think a lot of people are having the same feelings I'm having. Excited about the holidays, but overwhelmed with all the bustle that goes with it. Today it finally felt like winter, snowing most of the day. Actually it might still be snowing out, but we only have about 2 inches or so. The thing that cracks me up about living in this area is how the tiniest bit of snow gets everyone in a tizzy. I grew up in a place where snowstorms were the norm, and you only missed school if you had at least 1/2 a ft of snow. Oh well, I'm glad to have it. I just laugh everytime they make a big news story about it. Isaiah and I went outside and played in it for a while and he looooved it. I just love little kids bundled up in snow gear making it impossible for them to move. Definitely brightened my day.

Pheeww.. I'm pretty sure that was a lot of rambling. I haven't posted in a while, but there has been a lot of sewing going on around here. I've been busy with orders, post office runs, and holiday decorating. On Saturday I enjoyed a child free trip to the thrift store and I made out like a bandit. I spent the most I think I've ever spent at that thrift store ($75), but I found so many great things. I found these pottery barn stockings with the tags still on them for $1.81 each. Granted, our names are not Kerry-ann, michael, and aidan, but I'll figure something out. Any ideas?? I'm sure that these were gifts that someone didn't want. I looove them.
I also got all these houses and various decorations you see here. Except for that portrait of Isaiah. That was my BIL's gift to us last Christmas.

The find of the day was this gorgeous hand sewn quilt I found for $14. Normally I would never spend that much, but it was just so unusual and pretty, I had to get it. I think it's a full/queen and it does have a few stains and some places that are tattered, but I just love it. It'll probably end up being re purposed, but I don't have an exact plan for it yet.

Not pictured, but found the same day were 2 vintage fabrics (each about 2 yards), 2 bags filled with embroidery floss, a nutcracker, Christmas ornaments, and a lecreuset saucepan. Ah, just writing about all of this makes me want to go thrifting right this very minute!!
Alright, back to more sewing. Can't wait for project runway tonight. It better be a good one.


Me and Him said...

Can the names be unpicked and then reembroidered? Or sew a ribbon all the way round the cuff?

Or you could change your names!

Sarah and Jack said...

I think that like tinkerblue said, you can probably use tiny scissors and undo that embroidery.

Or you could applique a patch over it. Or you could just cut that part of the stocking off and rehem the tops.

Anonymous said...

I'd try picking out the embroidery, as already suggested. Or you could always split the seams between the lining and exterior and add new cuffs.

Confessions of a Craft Addict

Liana said...

with patience the names should be able to be unpicked. I did it with a jacket of my husbands and two fleece vests.

As for your thrift store finds -- Le Creuset at a thrift store?!? how awesome!

jessica said...

Wow - what great finds. I love double wedding ring quilts.

With the stockings, you could just cut the cuffs off and re-do them in fun Christmas fabrics and your own names.

iSew said...

I'd try to just remove the whole top band and replace it. Or make a fun patchwork one to cover the old one. I think if you pick out the embroidery it won't look very nice underneath. Those are super cute though.

FinnyKnits said...

Dude - patchwork. That is such a find and a STEAL ($1.81?? - awesome). I say get some coordinating fabric fold it over the top hem, sew it to cover the old embroidery and TA DA - no more changing your name to Kerryann or whatever.

Jenn Maruska said...

Great finds : )

What did you think of PR? I like to hand sew while I watch : )

lera said...

I agree, I would try to remove and replace the cuff.

Great find on the quilt. I can never find anything like that when I thrift. If I find any quilt at all, it's a nasty mass-produced one.

Anonymous said...

score! i can't believe you found lecreuset at your thrift store!

and i'm all for replacing the top band, too. if the embroidery is too big (or the stocking maybe too dirty) the emobroidery may leave a mark in the fabric. of course, its always worth a try.

Susan said...

My friend has pb items all over her house that have different names on them. I just laugh at her, she doesn't even try to cover them up. Can you roll the cuff down?

Good finds!

Jane said...

I think I would first try to unstich the names while watching tv or somthing. If it looks shabby then you can take one of the more drastic steps. I fear cutting.

Jenn Thorson said...

Since the stockings have little felt appliques on it, how about using a felt rectangle in a coordinating color and then reembroidering (or fabric painting) your actual names on that, then gluing or sewing in place over top the other folks' names?

Though there's something sort of funny and quirky to me about just keeping the other family's names on there. :)

Ah, when ya thrift, it just makes you more crafty!