Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new fabrics

Since I need 200+ fabric for my Dear Jane Quilt, I started shopping around to find some different red and aqua fabrics. The next thing I know, my cart was filled with fabrics that I "didn't need." And then I clicked checkout. How did that happen? Well needless to say, some gorgeous fabrics have a nice new home. Now, what to do with it all?? Oh, and that flea market fancy fabric? I was lucky enough to find 3 yards on eBay because the seller had several misspellings in the titles. Score!


Needled Mom said...

Darn, that happens to me too!!!!

tarabu said...

hummina, hummina - 200?

Seriously, I think I've got that in the laundry hampers I *think* I am hiding from my husband under the table!

Of course, they are not in shades that actually go together by any stretch of the imagination, which is why large projects always require a trip to the shops.

GSU Francis Peak said...

i had that problem not too long ago:

let me know how to combat that :)

Deb C. said...

Oh I know all about that. My hubby says I should have a bumper sticker that says "I got it on e-bay". LOL! And if you're a fabriholic like me, then don't go shopping on Etsy cause they're my new favorite. And if you're weak like me, stay away from downshadowlane, and rainbowfabrics and especially stay away from fabricworm, because those Etsy shops have those irrestible Alexander Henry fabrics with the cutest mushrooms on them, owls and those jewel mobiles. Ahhhh, can't stand it. Gotta go peek at them. Bye!

Sara said...

Wow! That is a lot of fabric. Your Dear Jane quilt is going to be fantastic. I've been toyin with the idea of starting on for my self. I am thinking black and white fabrics with one solid color mixed in. However, I am a bit afraid to take the plunge. How are you liking the experience? What resources did you buy / recommend buying? You can do a fair bit via paper pieceing, correct?

jacquie said...

that happens to me too...too often. great score on on the flea market fancy!!