Monday, March 02, 2009

latest finds

I have had a couple of great thrift finds lately. A few weeks ago I found a huge bag of vintage knitting patterns. They are so fun to look through. The styles, the models, and the pictures are something else! These are a few of my favorites. The baby one is from the 30's!

The Japanese mugs are from a thrift store I rarely go to. Actually, it's a funny thrift store because it's two thrift stores in one huge building. You could spend a whole day there. I picked them up on a 50% day off too!

Lastly, I found this vintage cheater cloth on Sunday. I had walked past the sheets and saw this piece and immediately threw it into my baskets. Later as I was sifting through the fabric section, I spotted another piece of the fabric, except it hadn't been sewn at all. Score! I ended up buying both pieces because I just couldn't resist them.

And for some exciting news. I've opened up a vintage shop to sell some of my finds. I often pick up things that I really love at the thrift store but have no room for. I find myself needing to buy them because I just can't leave them behind for someone else! It's probably a sickness but at least I'm admitting it. Some of the things above are listed, including the mugs and some of the cheater cloth. Hopefully I'll be adding more things this week. Come and check it out here.

Today Isaiah and I are venturing out in the snow. I think this is the most snow he's seen in his 3 years. We hardly even get a good amount of snow, especially in March!


Needled Mom said...

Great finds! Can you believe that folks used to wear some of those styles?

Hope you were able to build a good snowman.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Great find! The cheater cloth is adorably sweet :)

jessica said...

great finds - I love those old knit and crochet patterns too. I can't wait for the summer thrifting and yard sale season to start!

Philigry said...

great things, kate. if you have any vintage floral sheets you might want to see, let me know. i can not find any around here, at all.

Anina said...

Wow, you have great thrift stores over there!

Anonymous said...

I also couldn't resist to buy when found something like that.
Congrat on your new vintage shop!

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing your thrifty finds. I never manage to pick up anything as cool.

Anonymous said...

katie, you and I would be so dangerous together