Tuesday, March 17, 2009

more wips and a St. Patty's Sale

I have been sewing a lot the past few days, although I don't really have anything finished to show. It seems the more I sew, the more my WIP stack grows. See, I have a craft fair coming up at the end of April and I'm starting to get anxious that I haven't sewn a single thing for it. I did this same fair in October and it poured the entire time. Even with the weather there was a decent crowd, so I'm hoping with nice weather (and tax returns, haha) that it'll turn out to be a good one. The thing I noticed was that it was a very family oriented community and lots of mothers were there shopping for their kids. There was a woman selling doll dresses and she was selling them left and right.

I figure instead of sewing clothes, which would take me forever, I'd make some doll quilts to bring with me. That idea flooded my brain with quilt ideas so now I'm hopping from one quilt top to another. Let's just hope I can finish them in time for the craft fair!

I almost forgot to mention that I've having a St. Patty's Day Sale in my etsy shop today. My Wristlet Pattern is on sale for $7.00 and most everything else has been marked down 20%.


Anina said...

Doll quilts are a wonderful idea!

Philigry said...

your doll quilts are great. you will do awesome.

henny said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Good luck with the craftfair.
here I found a link, many baby quilts there.

Stitchbitch said...

Just wanted to drop by and tell you that I love reading your blog! You are so creative! :)
Also, maybe this can give you some comfort, my father had Hodgkins about 15 years ago but he's doing great now and has had no relapses. I'm sure your husband will be well soon too! :)
Good luck with the craft fair!