Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thrifting and perhaps a button swap?

Although I have been thrifting almost once a week, I don't think I've shown off any of my recent finds. All these came on one lucky day. I loved this teacup and saucer, and debated about buying it. I think it actually went in and out of my cart a few times, before I finally decided that $1.81 was worth it. Then I spotted these matching creamer and sugar bowls.
I'm not sure if they were actually part of the set, or if it was just a coincident that they were the same color. I actually think they had a whole set of plates as the teacup, but I just couldn't bring myself to buying a new set of plates. Besides, I'm holding out for a whole set of the Marcrest Swiss Alpine.

I also found this HUGE bag of buttons. It was a little pricey, but it was worth its weight in mother of pearl buttons. I am always a sucker for those ones. These are my favorite among the bunch and I just love digging through them.

Which brings me to a thought I had. Anyone interesting in doing a vintage button swap? I know one had been hosted in the past by Shim & Sons, and I missed out on it. So, if you're interested, leave a comment letting me know. It would just be a quick, one on one swap, where you send your partner a pre-determined amount of vintage buttons and vice versa. If there's enough interest, I'll have signs up this week.

Oh, and one last thing. I've put two lunch bags in my shop this morning if anyone is interested.

Another last thing. Chelsea is hosting a "Messiest Craft Room" contest. If you have a messy room, go on over and enter yourself. I sure did with my disaster area!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Ooooh, that sugar bowl is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I might be game for a swap! Depends on how many buttons we would need to swap though!

Anina said...

Wow, the thrifting is good where you live!

lera said...

That saucer looks like the same pattern of a serving bowl I bought recently. Love it! (I think I also bought a few aqua teacups, too. But I think I hid them from Joe, therefore hid them from myself. lol)