Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thrift Finds

I wanted to share some of my recent finds. I've had some luck recently, but I just keep forgetting to photograph them! First are these two adorable aprons. Normally I never find cute aprons, but lately there have been so many good ones at the thrift store! This pink gingham one is headed to my new etsy store, but I'm hanging on to this sheer one. I planning on using it as a curtain in my kitchen. Isn't it great? It was very hard to take a picture of though!

Next is this contact paper. It's still in its original packaging and I just love the print on it. I really don't need it, but I figured someone else might really love it. So that too will be on etsy.

Finally, one of my favorite finds ever is this "Kotton Kutie" paper doll set. There are 3 dolls, Kitty, Kathy, and Kris. I just love that they included a boy! The best part is that the clothing is made out of cotton. You cut out the outfits and "stick" them to the doll. On the back it even says to use your old scraps of fabric to create new outfits. How cool! As much as I love this, I really don't have the room it keep it, so you can find that on etsy too.

Also, today is John's birthday. It is so fitting that he was born on April Fool's. He really is a jokester (even though there's been no pranks today). I'm just happy that he is feeling so good and will be able to celebrate his birthday!


Anina said...

What wonderful finds! I hope John had a great birthday.

Diane said...

Love your thrifty goodies, especially those paper dolls! Happy Birthday to John!! Strangely enough, today is also my husband's birthday. Wonder what that says about you and I?

Ashley Ann said...

This is one out of control give away Katie! Happy birthday lady!

Aleisha said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing these gifts with all of us. I've posted this giveaway on my blog.


Hellena said...


Wow, happy birthday, may u have birthday every week!:-)

russjo7 said...

Oops, sorry Katie, I meant to get in on this, my little guy got sick, AGAIN, next time,, Tomorrow's my sister's b-day too..