Monday, July 30, 2007

Why Raesha Rocks!

I received my Summer Fun Swap from Raesha today after much anticipation. She outdid herself, lemme tell ya. There was so much goodness stuffed into this box, I can't even believe it. My pictures probably won't do it much justice because we just had a much needed heavy rainstorm.

Anyway, here are my goodies. Raesha made her "bucket" out of a thrifted pillowcase. This will be perfect when I'm at the beach in a few weeks. She found this huge orange blanket at the thrift store for $3.99! Amazing!
She also made this beautiful doll quilt for an addition to my wall of quilts. It will be a perfect fit.
There's so much in this box, I can't even name it all! Cute cups, a quilt kit, magazines, lemonheads (which I looove), water bottle, and many other things.
To see what I sent here, go here. I didn't end up with very good pictures of what I sent. This was such a great swap. Thanks so much Raesha!


lera said...

Great swap. Love the orange and yellow.

Raesha D said...

Yuu are so very welcome:):) This was such an AWESOME swap and I'm so glad that I have a new blogger sista in you:)

Natasha said...

Oh such fun things what a great swap! I love the pillowcase bag for a bucket idea..pretty and practical.

Danielle said...

So fun!! Everything looks wonderful:-)

Chara Michele said...

So many lovely swap goodies! :)

Anina said...

Wow! This Summertime swap certainly looks like it was great fun.

Lucy said...

Oh what a wonderful swap gift and partner (Raesha was mine for the last swap...and you're right, she does rock!)!

I'm am sooooo sorry about your van being stolen and the fact you have to pay 500 for the deductible, it really does suck!! I hope better things come for you despite this setback.



Rebecca said...

You and Raesha are both excellent swappers! Both of your packages were just perfect. I've really been wanting one of those pillowcase tote basg! I need to try that fast! :)