Friday, April 13, 2007

Who wants to play a game?

Isaiah and I have a great neighborhood to go walking in. We live across the street from a park and a river and down the road from a very pretty mansion. Sometimes it's hard to believe that we live so close to a city. I really enjoy living here because growing up, I did not live in a neighborhood. I actually lived in the boonies in NY which was originally a large farm. We lived in the original farmhouse and I could barely see our neighbors. I did love our house and the huge yard we had, but I sometimes missed not being near my friends or a playground. Anyway, this really has nothing to do with the post, but I was just thinking about my old house, and sigh, I do miss it!

Ok... onto the game. So as I was saying, Isaiah and I take a lot of walks and one day last week, we walked by possibly the most tacky house I have ever seen. I mean, the house itself is not bad, but the front yard is something else. I have never seen so much stuff in one yard in my entire life. And it's not like it's big things either, it's a collection of a bunch of little tiny things. The other day I made my cousin drive by it with me and she actually thought they had just decorated it for Easter. I was like hmmmm nooo... that stuff is here all the time!

Anyway, I should say first, that I'm not trying to offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. I simply cannot understand how one could live with that much stuff in their yard! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a super neat, clutter free person, because I'm not. But, I cannot imagine having all those tiny little things in my yard, every single day!

I got to thinking, and I bet that many of you have houses like these in your neighborhoods, and I'd love to see them. So, does anyone want to play a game/have a contest with me? Here's how it would work:

If you'd want to participate, just e-mail me a picture of the house/yard (it might even be yours!) and tell me where you live, let's not say street or any other real identifying factors, just to play it safe.

Each day, I'll post 1 or 2 on my blog and you can post it on yours as well. After everyone who is participating has entered, we'll do a little voting and see who has the most tacky house/yard in their neighborhood. I'll send a little prize to the winner.

Just a few things: I really am not trying to be mean to anyone, I just want to know WHY!!! So, let's say your house looks like this, then maybe you can supply an explanation. Also, you might want to be on the sly about taking a photo of someone else's house. Better yet, send your husband, or your kid( if they're old enough, of course). Haha. I took mine while I was walking with Isaiah and put the camera on the stroller, then hightailed it out of there. I don't want any reports of injuries from you trying to escape, so be careful!

O.K. anyone in? Here's my photo, I hope to get a better one next time, so I can get a close up of all the little individual things. I just might pretend I'm in mission impossible or something.

and if this is your house, I'd love to know how freakin long it took you to collect all those things!


Heidijayhawk said...

i'll put on my walking shoes!

Felicia said...

Here in the south its quite common to see front yards with tires used for flower planting beds. This is even funnier when those flowers are plastic. :) I'll see if I can snap a picture of one on my travels this weekend.

Anina said...

Well, now you've given me a reason to exercise. Putting on my sneakers as I type...
Although we have an HOA, so I might have to visit the neighborhood next door.

lera said...

I'll have to see if I know of any houses like that. I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Jess said...

Oh goodness, I think I can get in on this!

Mary said...

In Jacksonville, there was a house down the road that had no grass in the front yard, just red volcanic rock and various and sundry lawn ornaments. No such fun in our neighborhood here, thanks to HOA. But I did see a cute log toadstool at the ren fest yesterday that I want for our yard (and a garden gnome will be a must if I get it).