Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy and Hope

By now I'm sure all of you have heard of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. It is unimaginable how everyone involved must feel. It was everywhere in the news around here. We are only about 4 hours away and a lot of kids from the area go to VT. While driving to and from the thrift store, I listened to the radio, people were calling in with children there or alumnus, shocked at the news and in disbelief that something like this could occur is such a small, quiet community. The news also covered many area colleges, like mine, that were gathering for prayer for the victims & their families, and the whole community of VT. I feel such a deep sadness for the people involved and I hope that you all will keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

When such bad things happen, it seems only appropriate to talk about the good people are doing in the world. I'm sure some of you are readers of the blog AfricanKelli. Kelli's blog is one of the blogs I read on a daily basis. She always has such inspirational things to say, is a crafty girl, and is a downright nice person (and I know this, even though I've never actually met her!). Anyway, next month she is traveling to Mozambique and visiting two orphanges. The sweet person she is would love to bring goody bags for the children there. She is asking for help in putting some together, so if you'd like to help, visit her blog and contact her. Plus, stay around and read the rest of her blog. I promise it's a good one!


lera said...

The whole VT things is horrific. It's terribly sad. At times like this we only seem to notice the evil in society.

Yet, at the same time, we see Kelli and all that she does to better this world. She is very inspiring.

Bee said...

Wow, I thought you might be close. I looked you up on the map so I have a better understanding of your surrounding geography now. A terrible thing.