Friday, February 06, 2009

little blocks

At one point, I was nearly caught up with my blocks for the Dear Baby Jane-along. That must have been months ago, but I realized I'm about 40 blocks behind. Yikes! Last night I sat down and figured out which ones I need to complete. Then I traced about 10 of them. I think half the battle is tracing them. If I had the CD where I could just print out the blocks things might go a little faster. I was able to get 4 done today and hopefully tonight I'll get a few more done. I opted to do the ones I could paper piece because those seem to be the easiest. Now I need to get some more aqua and red fabrics. Anyone up for a trade?

I also was able to get two block finished for Juliette for January's Busy Little Quilting Bee. She's making a quilt for her son and sent the linen and cool dot/plaid fabric.

One final note I wanted to mention about the Ruffle Wristlet Pattern, since I did receive a few e-mails about it. You are welcome to make and sell wristlets made from this pattern, as long as you credit me with the pattern. You can also see the two adorable wristlets Mary made on her blog.

Have a great weekend! We're supposed to be getting a nice Spring tease with the weather.


Anina said...

My, you have been busy!

Lynn said...

Wow, you are still ahead of me! I am about 47 blocks behind, but I'm trying to catch up! I don't think I've ever been caught up before. Your blocks look great! I have the CD, and I really think it was definitely worth it. I would have quit a long time ago if I had to trace all those blocks!

henny said...

I like your two blocks for Juliette...Happy weekend!

jacquie said...

i'm so impressed with folks who are doing that dear jane quilt. such precision! love the blocks you made. gives me an idea for my son's graduation quilt. i think i have a pretty good supply of aqua and red fabric. maybe i could help out.