Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow and Catching up

Wow. I finally feel like I'm catching up on my life! This weekend was the last of our holiday celebrations. Usually we go up to NY for Christmas, but this year was a little different. Since we didn't all get to celebrate together during the holidays, we decided to have a little party at our house after all the holiday activities were over. My parents came down from Hyde Park, and my sister, cousin and her husband came down from Rochester. In addition, I have three cousins living in the area. It was so nice to have everyone together in our tiny little house. Lots of good food, wine, and laughs, but I'm glad that our holiday season is finally coming to an end. We took the Christmas tree down on Sunday and I'm working on the rest of the decorations today. A pot of soup is simmer on the stove, there's bread ready to make, and snow falling and covering the ground (finally).

Speaking of coming to an end, John finished his last chemo treatment on Tuesday. It feels like such a relief, but at the same time, I still feel anxious because there is some waiting to do. On January 31st he will have a PET/CT scan to see if the cancer is completely gone. By all accounts it should be, but you never know. It feels weird that we won't walk into the hospital again, that John won't be carrying around his chemo, or that he won't have to take the hoards of medicine he does. I am thankful, though. And I'm glad to be starting the New Year with this hope in sight.

At the last treatment, I sat listening to the Creative Mom podcast on my new iPod. I swear this iPod is my new friend. I really, really love it. And the Creative mom podcast. Wonderful. I know some of you probably already listen to it, but it's new to me. Amy has such a soothing voice and a way of speaking that just makes me want to create and relax at the same time. I also wanted to show off my new friend Kimberly. She was made by the talented Ginny, from iSew.Biz and her newest shop The Monkey Travel Club. I was admittedly stalking her new shop, waiting for the perfect monkey, and lo and behold, there was Kimberly. She is sooo cute and is keeping my new iPod nice and safe. I snapped this shot while John was getting his treatment. I wonder if that was legal ;) Thanks Ginny!!
Oh, and don't forget about the Martha Swap! See below for details!


lera said...

We're getting the snow here, too. I wanted to make soup today, but don't have the proper ingredients. (Hmmm. Maybe if I choose another soup I might. I was originally thinking veggie soup ....)

So happy to hear that John is done his chemo. I pray that his cancer is gone.

jessi said...

I have the same iPod and also LOVE it! Aren't podcasts great?

And here's sending all the best to John and you! I hope everything comes out clear on the 31st!

Anina said...

Ohhhh! She's not only a cute monkey, but an iPod cozy too. I love it!

Good luck to John. I hope there's absolutely nothing on that scan.

Chara Michele said...

So glad to hear he is done with his chemo, I hope that when he has his scan it all turns out clear!