Monday, February 12, 2007

Dolls Dolls everywhere!

So this year for Christmas, my 4 year old niece got an American Girl doll (Elizabeth) from Nana. Me being the super crafty, have to make all my Christmas presents, kind of person, decided to make a dress for the doll. I must say so myself that it did turn out beautifully, even though I had to stop and read the directions like a billion times and ask my mother in law for help. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of that dress, but will shortly as my sister in law and two kids are coming to visit today. Yay! Anyway, the neighboor next door, Layla, say the dress I was making for my niece and of course wanted an outfit of her own. So, she picked this cute little number, a vest, shirt, pants and beret. This was fun to make and I learned some nice techniques from it. Now, my niece wants the same exact outfit so she can play with Layla. She might be a little disappointed to find out that it's not made yet, but hey, they're here 2 days early! So here's Layla with her doll, Kaylee. (Not sure if I'm spelling that right). Oh, and the doll's hat is not on because she told me that she didn't like it that much. Gotta love honesty!

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