Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Busy Sewing away

A while ago, I happened upon a nice tutorial for making a patchwork quilted purse. I don't know where the link is, but I'll find it soon. Anyway, I love the purses and I was just dying to make some of my own, so this week was a busy sewing week. Here's how they turned out. The first one is a bit smaller than the other two because I only used 7 pieces for each side, instead of 8. Most of the fabric for the purple one came from my sister in law. She had a huge stash of fabrics from when my niece was a baby (4 years ago!). We loved sewing baby clothes for her and is pretty much when I started being obsessed with sewing.
This is my ebay fabric purchase purse! haha. say that ten times fast. The blue fabric is a vintage fabric that I just adore and had to have. It looks so pretty here and now Im using the same color scheme to make an Amy Butler purse, which is a task and a half.
And though it was intended to be, this is my Valentine's Day purse. This one is my fav and the thrid one I made. I did more quilting on this one and I think it made a big difference. I should have show a picture of the lining, but I forgot. Anyway, it is the same as the one with the small red flowers on the white background. This fabric is awesome and it was such a steal at Joann's, which rarely has fabric I love. Also, these last two have magnetic snaps that make the purse more functional, in my opinion.

I wish I could keep these for myself, but I must sell them to support my purse making habit and to decorate my new house. Off to take care of the little one. He is itching to get out of his corral and practice walking. Yikes!


littlemissmeshell said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS, all of them! Just love the colours and fabrics you've chosen, wonderful job =)

Sarah and Jack said...

Your bags turned out great. I love making those myself.